Report: 'Mutual interest' between Wayne Gretzky, Capitals

by Apr 29, 4:23 PM

The chatter surrounding Wayne Gretzky and the Washington Capitals continues to grow louder.

As per Luke Fox of Sportsnet, Gretzky has a personal relationship with Washington owner Ted Leonsis, and attended a Capitals game in the owner's box this season. 

As such, the Great One may be in line for a presidency role such as Brendan Shanahan in Toronto or Trevor Linden in Vancouver.

May 26, 6:57 PM

Wayne Gretzky denies flirting with Capitals about GM position

by May 26, 6:57 PM

Wayne Gretzky's name was broached and crossed off the list long before the Capitals named Brian MacLellan their next general manager Monday, but he denies ever discussing the job with Washington's upper management.

In conversation with Sportsnet 590, Gretzky downplayed his presence during Ted Leonsis' search for new leadership. 

Gretzky, whose name is brought up whenever a prominent position becomes available, last held NHL office when he coached the Phoenix Coyotes from 2005-2009. 

May 22, 12:22 PM

LeBrun: Gretzky 'doesn't sound' like a match for executive job with Capitals

by May 22, 12:22 PM

It looks as though the Wayne Gretzky's continuing quest to find a front office gig in the NHL will not involve a trip to America's capital, according to ESPN's Pierre LeBrun.

Despite repeated reports linking Wayne Gretzky to Washington, it doesn’t sound as though The Great One and the Capitals are a match at this point. Whether it’s for president of hockey operations or another high-end executive job, at this hour, it doesn’t look like it’s going to happen. Which is too bad, because No. 99 in that kind of role would be a great asset. The Maple Leafs talked to Gretzky about a similar role last summer but talks didn’t produce a deal. That job went to Brendan Shanahan last month.

On top of an executive position with the Capitals, 'The Great One' was reportedly seeking an ownership stake in the organization.

May 21, 10:34 AM

Report: Gretzky wants ownership stake to join Capitals

by May 21, 10:34 AM

Rumors of courtship between Wayne Gretzky and the Washington Capitals have persisted since late November, with things heating up in late-April when it was reported by Sportsnet's John Shannon that the Ted Leonsis-owned club and 'The Great One' had "mutual interest" in teaming up. 

The Capitals have now gone a month since firing general manager George McPhee, and while they've been connected to the likes of Paul Fenton and Don Sweeney in the interview process, the Capitals haven't named McPhee's replacement yet and don't appear to be close. 

Meanwhile reports have surfaced this week suggesting that Gretzky would be eager to take over as the Capitals' president of hockey operations.

The latest reporting from Katie Carrera of the Washington Post goes even further than that. Citing unnamed sources, Carrera passed along a juicy tidbit on Monday night suggesting that Gretzky wants to have even more skin in the game than he'd have as a standard front office executive:

But sources say Gretzky would want an ownership stake in the organization as well. It’s unknown whether majority owner Ted Leonsis would agree to such an arrangement. Leonsis has 18 ownership partners in Monumental Sports and Entertainment, which owns the Capitals, Wizards, Mystics and Verizon Center.

Carrera also suggests that the Capitals have reached out to recently deposed Pittsburgh Penguins general manager Rejean "Ray" Shero in their search for a new top-executive.

While the Gretzky/Capitals rumors are everywhere these days, the greatest player in hockey history has reportedly not talked with the Capitals about the possibility. 

May 20, 10:35 AM

Report: Wayne Gretzky still 'very much' wants to join Capitals as president

by May 20, 10:35 AM

Wayne Gretzy, the greatest hockey player in history and the former part-owner and coach of the Phoenix Coyotes, is reportedly still very interested in becoming the president of the Washington Capitals per a report from CSN's Chuck Gormely

The Capitals fired general manager George McPhee in late-April, and there's been little reported movement in terms of their efforts to replace him. Darcey Regier, Mike Gillis and Jay Feaster have been linked to the job, while Bruins assistant general manager Don Sweeney has reportedly interviewed for the position. But there's little in the way of smoke.

Gormley's sources suggest, however, that Gretzky could still be in the running - although negotiations haven't progressed quickly, and there are still some internal roadblocks to clear:

A source close to Gretzky said Monday that the 53-year-old native of Brantford, Ontario very much wants to be president of the Capitals and would consider former Columbus general manager Doug MacLean as his general manager.

However, the source said Gretzky has not had more than a few casual conversations with the Capitals and believes that if they really wanted Gretzky they would have hired him by now.

It is entirely possible that Patrick is not prepared to surrender the duties he has had with the Capitals since 1982.

In mid-May during an episode of Hockey Night in Canada radio, CBC's Glenn Healy suggested that the major hold up on the Gretzky-to-the-Caps front was money. "I think (Gretzky) wants too much money," suggested Healey. "It's all down to money, and I think his asking price - probably it was the same as when Toronto offered him a position, and that asking price was too high, and Shanahan takes the job.

"Until there's reasonable terms, the name will be mentioned, but the position won't be filled," Healy concluded. 

Apr 28, 7:26 PM

Rumors of Wayne Gretzky joining Capitals management surface again

by Apr 28, 7:26 PM

Former NHL player and coach Wayne Gretzky has been tied to the Washington Capitals again, if only by rumor.

TSN's Bob McKenzie told TSN Radio 1050 on Monday afternoon that he sees Washington as a fit for Gretzky. "I was told that Washington, the Rangers, and Toronto were places Gretzky would look at under the right circumstances."

While unleashing that, he also snuck in the fact that Gretzky may have been in consideration for Brendan Shanahan's current job in Toronto as president of hockey operations: "... he was eyeing Shanahan's job."

McKenzie went on to say neither side has declined reports, and until that happens, he's under the impression there may be talks going on.

Nov 27, 10:00 PM

Rumors of Gretzky becoming Capitals president 'absolutely false'

by Nov 27, 10:00 PM

Wayne Gretzky denied the rumor on Wednesday that he would become the next president of the Capitals after he was seen attending a Washington game on Nov. 22.

The invitation to attend the game was seen as some sort of invitation to run the franchise. If an invitation is a gateway to presidency, there are going to be a lot of appearances to keep up with.