VIDEO: Pistons mascot accepts Ice Bucket Challenge, nominates mascot hunter Robin Lopez

by Aug 19, 5:18 PM

You've watched 100 Ice Bucket Challenges over the last week, so what's one more?

This one comes via Hooper, the Detroit Pistons mascot, who took the challenge to new heights, so to speak.

More of note, Hooper nominated fellow mascot Benny the Bull (Chicago), former theScore employee (now NBATV host) Tas Melas and Portland Trail Blazers center Robin Lopez.

The latter is of note, as Lopez has a noted track record of abusing mascots, including Hooper (see posts below), who appears to be exacting a small measure of revenge. 

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Aug 9, 9:43 AM

PHOTO: Robin Lopez's crusade against mascots continues

by Aug 9, 9:43 AM

When will this man be stopped?

On Friday, Portland Trail Blazers center Robin Lopez claimed yet another furry victim, this time being the Seattle Mariners Moose. The carnage was captured in the two photos on the top row:

The vicious and wholly unwarranted attack was made more disturbing by the psychotic turnaround for Lopez, who was pictured posing happily with Moose shortly after the attack (bottom). Apparently, Lopez is a self-professed Mariners fan, and was invited to Safeco Field to throw out the ceremonial first-pitch. A classic Trojan horse maneuver, if we've ever seen one.

This continues a disturbing trend for Lopez, who has made a beef out of several costumed figures. In this calendar year alone, Lopez has skirmished with the Chicago Cubs mascot, Detroit Pistons favorite Hooper, the now-defunct Brooklyn Nets mascot, and verbally threatened the Cleveland Cavaliers' Moondog and the beloved Toronto Raptor.

Don't these mascots have a union or something? Can anyone put a stop to Lopez's madness?

Jan 15, 3:14 PM

Attention Cubs mascot: Robin Lopez knows you exist and that's not a good thing

by Jan 15, 3:14 PM

The Chicago Cubs introduced Clark, the team's family-friendly new mascot, on Tuesday to less than rave reviews around the internet.

For the already downtrodden MLB bear cub, he's got one more person to keep on his radar: Trail Blazers' Robin Lopez.

Sure, Clark won't be appearing on the hardwood, but Lopez has an offseason that coincides nicely with the baseball schedule. More importantly, the Portland big man has a well-documented (by us, anyway) history of mascot confrontations. And he took note of Clark on Wednesday.

Robin, you are correct. Though Kit is obviously not as sad as Clark; Talespin was never accused of being a loser for an entire century.

With all of the Clark backlash, Lopez might have actually saved the Cubs' marketing strategy with his suggestion to host both Clark and the Oregon Duck at Trail Blazers games. Rescue Rangers theme night?! Yes!

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Jan 8, 7:22 PM

Robin Lopez has beef with The Raptor, 'He knows'

by Jan 8, 7:22 PM

Don't let the picture fool you, Robin Lopez and The Raptor are no longer pals.

In an interview with Willamette Week on Wednesday, Lopez identified the Toronto Raptors mascot as the league's most annoying.

In a recent game in Detroit, you wrestled Hooper, the Pistons’ mascot, to the ground.

I was protecting myself. That was self-defense.

Which is the NBA’s most annoying mascot?

The Toronto Raptor. I wish we could go back to Toronto, because he gets my goat. I have a few choice words for that guy.

Can you elaborate on that?

No. He knows.

There you have it, Raptor.

The Raptor, however, is currently out injured and has been replaced for the season by Stripes, whom Lopez didn't comment on.

Unfortunately, the Portland Trail Blazers don't visit the Raptors again this season, so the beef will remain unsquashed until 2014-15.

Dec 17, 3:37 PM

Robin Lopez on Cavs' mascot: 'If he stares at me for too long ... I can be vicious as well'

by Dec 17, 3:37 PM

Robin Lopez defended his family's honor on Sunday night in Detroit. The Portland Trail Blazers' half of the Lopez twins delivered a bit of a beating to Hooper, the Pistons' mascot.

Days earlier, Hooper was involved in a brawl with the Nets (Hello, Brook Lopez, Brooklyn half of the Lopez twins). 

The mascot challenged threatened Robin on Twitter, and donned a wig when the Blazers came to town to mock Brook's twin. (It is an extremely well-played Robin wig, if we do say so...)

“Of course I had to stick up for the family name,” said Robin to's Forward Center. “He really should have thought twice before stepping to me … He was really throwing rocks at the hornet’s nest.”

Even after the Blazers left town, Hooper persisted via Twitter on Monday.

Man, no wonder some people are terrified of mascots. What a stalker. Why are you so obsessed with the Lopez twins?

As Forward Center writes, Hooper can avoid Robin's wrath for now, but the Cleveland Cavaliers' Moondog might not be so lucky Tuesday night.

“If (Moondog) stares at me for too long, if he makes direct eye contact with me, I’d say he has one or two things to worry about," the Blazers big said. "I’m a little canine in my own way. I can be vicious as well.”

Dec 15, 6:14 PM

VIDEO: Trail Blazers center Robin Lopez beats up Detroit Pistons mascot

by Dec 15, 6:14 PM

Hooper had a tough day at the office. 

Trail Blazers center Robin Lopez had a little fun with the Pistons mascot before Sunday's game in Detroit. 

Hooper had donned a wig to mock the center's mop but Lopez took things into is own hands: