GIF: Raptors fan in Brooklyn introduces 'lint rolling' celebration

by Apr 25, 7:40 PM

Lint-rolling is sweeping the nation. Scratch that - multiple nations. Not only has Drake made rolling lint off of your clothes hip in Canada, one Toronto Raptors fan has now brought the phenomenon south of the border, to Brooklyn.

Following a big Kyle Lowry bucket in the first quarter, a fan in Raptors red at the Barclays Center stood up and begin lint-rolling his shirt.

[Courtesy: TSN]

Please, let's not let this be a thing.

Oct 17, 9:06 PM

VIDEO: Drake's clothes still not clean, continues to lint-roll

by Oct 17, 9:06 PM

The seemingly world-wide phenomenon of lint-rolling - as inspired by hip-hop phenom Drake - has come full circle.

It's to the point where Drake openly mocked himself at Kentucky's pep rally event Big Blue Madness on Friday night.

Check it out:

Dane Carbaugh's post on Vine

Feature photo courtesy of Nick Turchiaro / Reuters

May 1, 1:55 PM

Drake-inspired lint rollers hit eBay

by May 1, 1:55 PM

It has all officially come full circle. 

After being caught on camera lint-rolling his pants, the Toronto Raptors and Bounce teamed up to release a limited edition set of lint rollers prior to Game 5 of the Raptors opening round series against the Brooklyn Nets. 

The black-and-gold rollers were the buzz of the basketball world Wednesday night, and on Thursday morning they made their way exactly where several people expected they would: on eBay. 

With nearly three full days left on the auction, an official Drake lint roller is already going for more than $50. If you absolutely must have one, you can enter the auction here

And really, how could you not want something that Drake poses with like this: 

Feature photo courtesy of Nick Turchiaro / Reuters

Apr 30, 7:09 PM

PHOTO: Raptors giving away 'Drake' lint rollers for Game 5

by Apr 30, 7:09 PM

Lint rollers will be out in full force for Game 5 of the Toronto Raptors-Brooklyn Nets playoff series Wednesday night.

In honor of Drake's infamous lint-rolling incident during Game 2, the Raptors have partnered with Bounce for a limited edition OVO roller to be handed out to fans in attendance for Wednesday's game.

Feature photo courtesy of Nick Turchiaro / Reuters

Apr 30, 1:44 PM

IKEA set to give away free lint rollers in advance of Game 5

by Apr 30, 1:44 PM

Drake's courtside manner has officially gone mainstream. 

After video of the Raptors Global Ambassador using a lint roller on his pants went viral, the act of using a lint roller became a sign of unity among fans rooting for the Northern Uprising. 

Quite often, as fans go, so go the brands. IKEA Canada is not letting this opportunity pass them by, and have announced that fans can get a free lint roller downtown prior to Game 5. 

Apr 23, 6:53 PM

Drake posts new Raptors slogan on Instagram: No lint

by Apr 23, 6:53 PM

We would understand if Drake's vaguely-defined affiliation with the Toronto Raptors has grated on you to some degree this season.

Still, the actor-turned-rapper is generally a likable guy, one who is more than willing to engage in self-deprecation when the time calls for it (see his excellent Saturday Night Live appearance as a reference). After being caught on camera furiously lint-rolling his pants at Tuesday's Raptors-Nets game, Drake took to Instagram to unveil the team's new slogan:

We'd wear that. It's certainly better than the white-and-red Northern Uprising t-shirts the team gave out to the crowd for Game 1, which looked as if they had been made in Drake's mother's Forest Hill basement the night before the game.

Apr 22, 8:40 PM

GIF: Drake passionately lint rolled his pants at Raptors-Nets game

by Apr 22, 8:40 PM

Drake's latest misadventure in tarnishing his street cred involves a lint roller, a pair of dirty pants, and some very high-priced basketball tickets.

[Courtesy: @BenGolliver]

Maybe we should cut him some slack - the Raptors' global ambassador needs to be looking his best.