5 of the best tweets from Trail Blazers vs. Rockets

Apr 21, 2:03 AM

The Trail Blazers beat the Rockets in their playoff opener on Sunday night. There was a different fight going on behind the scenes between the two team Twitter accounts, and that was before the Portland Police got involved. Here are a few social media moments from Game 1 that you don't want to miss.

The Trail Blazers want to share this watch with you

So, you should look at it. Look at the wrist that comes with it, too. They are taking (Portland point guard Damian) Lillard Time very seriously these days.

And they are even trolling the Rockets

It's hard enough to live tweet a fast-paced NBA game, but now you also have to think up quality insults to tweet at your opponent. And hundreds of thousands of fans can see your every move, so better make it funny. 

Come on, Rockets. You can do better than that. 

But the Rockets did not mess around

They used an image of Simpsons character Sideshow Bob when Trail Blazers center Robin Lopez was called for a technical foul, probably because the two look a little similar. 

Portland's police department has a sense of humor

At least after Game 1. Please come back for Game 2. 

Everyone shared their best Damian Lillard puns, too

This will never get old. Even if the series goes to seven games. Never old. 

Feature photo courtesy of USA TODAY Sports/ Troy Taormina