The worst of Rick Nash

May 8, 8:25 AM

Rick Nash has scored some great goals. He's scored from the oddest of angles. He's scored while falling. He's scored while sitting on his butt. 

Rick Nash has not scored a goal in 11 playoff games this year and it's becoming a problem. In fact, New York Rangers fans have become so frustrated that they rained down a chorus of boos on their $7.8 million man while he attempted an end to end rush early in the third period of Game 4 versus the Pittsburgh Penguins. Harsh. 

The best of Rick Nash includes highlight reel goals while toiling in mediocrity on some painful Columbus Blue Jackets teams, or lighting the lamp on the international circuit, or some beauties in his first two seasons with the Rangers. Not so much lately. It's hard times for Nash, who's fallen on some hard luck with no goals while leading all players in shots for the playoffs. 

Let's have a look at the worst of Rick Nash.

Nash's flexes his acting chops

Nash graced the cover of a rather disappointing hockey video game title for 2K Sports in 2009. The 6-foot-4 winger participated in a promotional spot by pretending an empty water cooler was the Stanley Cup. Oh, the jokes write themselves. 

Nash gets plowed by T.J. Oshie

The American shootout guy does the other thing he's good at and runs big Nash. A donnybrook ensues. 

A near double axe handle to the head of Tomas Kopecky

Nash avoided a suspension for this blow to the head. He's a master of making things look accidental. More on that later. 

Rick Nash Vs. Evgeni Malkin(!?)

A pair of unlikely punchers square off, in a preseason game from 2010-11, and Nash takes the loss. 

The Rick Nash/Brad Stuart saga Part I

Nash draws first blood with a blindside hit in October of 2011. That's greasy. 

The Rick Nash/Brad Stuart saga Part II

Nearly two years later, Stuart exacts revenge with an elbow to Nash's head. Nash suffered a concussion on the hit, and Stuart earned himself a three game suspension for his transgression. 

Nash accidentally runs into Carey Price

Reactions from everyone involved here would have you believe this was totally an accident. A look at the replay shows Nash leaping into the Canadiens goaltender. We see you, sneaky Rick Nash. 

Scott Hannan's stick gets stuck in Nash's skate

It's a rarity, but the guy who gets the stick in his skate always ends up looking like a fawn stepping on a frozen pond for the first time. Hannan was probably just looking for a tow to the offensive zone. 

The boos rain down

You see, Rick, you're the guy that was supposed to make the Rangers a serious contender. You gotta feel a little bit for both Nash and St. Louis here. 

Feature photo courtesy of USA TODAY Sports/Sergei Belski