Orioles' Davis lends hand to help accident victim

3:01 PM

Baltmore Orioles slugger Chris Davis, who recently received a 25-game suspension after testing positive for Adderall, helped unpin a man trapped beneath an overturned pickup truck on Interstate 295 in Maryland on Monday, MASN's Roch Kubatko reports.

According to a firsthand account from Mike Soukup, another passerby who provided assistance, a car accident on I-295 ejected one man from his pickup truck and pinned him beneath the vehicle. Soukup and two others attempted to lift the truck off the pinned man, but the truck was too heavy.

Within less than a minute, however, "another five to six" people hopped out of their cars to help release the man, including Chris Davis, who was on his way to the airport to pick up some friends.

"When I turned to look at the first man, I instantly noticed a VERY strong resemblance to Chris Davis," Soukup wrote in an email. "He didn't have any Orioles gear on (so I wasn't sure ... there was no big '19' on him anywhere!), except his tennis shoes were black and orange.

"We glanced at each other with a 'good job' look and I said, 'Chris?' He said, 'Yeah?' 'Chris Davis?' 'Yeah?' I said, 'One hell of a way to meet Chris Davis.'"

Soukup also told Davis he thinks Major League Baseball "screwed (him) over," referring to the suspension that will sideline the 28-year-old for the remainder of the regular season and into the playoffs.

Feature photo courtesy of Reuters/Nick Turchiaro-USA TODAY Sports