PHOTO: Tigers players dress up in Zubaz outfits for trip to Cleveland

May 19, 12:30 AM

Baseball is a funny game. 

The players compete hard each day on the field, but off it, still have time to plan out fun, team building activities for upcoming road trips.

The Detroit Tigers, fresh off a three-game sweep of the Boston Red Sox decided to dress in Zubaz gear for their flight to Cleveland Sunday night.

You can thank Justin Verlander for the pics.

Feature photo courtesy of Reuters/Mark L. Baer-USA TODAY Sports

May 19, 6:38 PM

Tigers arrive late and tired after plane trouble

May 19, 6:38 PM

It was quite a night for the Detroit Tigers. 

The team got set to depart Boston on Sunday night dressed head to toe in tiger-striped Zubaz for their flight to Cleveland, only to discover that mechanical issues with the team's charter would keep them on the ground for the evening. 

The player's bags stayed on board the plane, however, meaning the team didn't have a chance to change clothes or do much of anything until they reunited with their luggage at around 4:30pm Monday. 

Outfielder Torii Hunter explained to reporters that the team is currently not a pretty sight. Or smell.  

"Some of us didn't brush our teeth," Hunter said. "Some guys didn't shower. We used our finger as a toothbrush. We had the hotel mouthwash. Some guys just stink."

The team was unable to get into a new hotel on such short notice, and didn't get back to where they were staying until 3 a.m. "It's tough to get 60 rooms at 2 in the morning," manager Brad Ausmus said.

Despite the bumps in the road, the Tigers did arrive in time to prepare for Monday's game against the Indians, they're just a little short on sleep. 

Feature photo courtesy of USA TODAY Sports/Mark L. Baer

May 19, 11:31 AM

PHOTO: Plane troubles force Zubaz-wearing Tigers to take late night shuttle

May 19, 11:31 AM

Plane troubles in Boston provides one of the classic pictures of the 2014 season, as members of the Detroit Tigers were pictured wearing Zubaz in a shuttle bus at 3:00 a.m. Monday morning.

While the team's spirits were high after a 6-2 win over the Boston Red Sox, the aviation malfunction before their trip to Cleveland put an end to their smiling faces.

Backup catcher Bryan Holaday might know what caused the delay.