Bottom 3rd 1 runs / 2 hits / 0 errors

Dozier homered to left on a 1-0 count

Bottom 5th 3 runs / 3 hits / 0 errors

Willingham walked on a full count, Span scored, Dozier to third, Mauer to second
Doumit singled to center, Dozier scored, Mauer scored, Willingham to second

Top 8th 3 runs / 4 hits / 0 errors

Y.Escobar singled to center, R.Davis scored, K.Johnson to second
Thames grounded out to first baseman Mauer unassisted, K.Johnson scored, Y.Escobar to third, Encarnacion to second
On wild pitch by Perkins, Y.Escobar scored, Encarnacion to third
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