IIHF official tried to force Canada's Larocque to wear unwanted silver medal
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As Canadian defenseman Jocelyn Larocque removed her silver medal from her neck after an intense game against the U.S., even the opposing coach could comprehend her frustrations following the shootout defeat.

"I definitely understand it," U.S. coach Robb Stauber said, according to Grant Robertson of The Globe and Mail. "It's a very heated rivalry ... You feel like you've let a country down."

But apparently, an official from hockey's governing body wasn't so empathetic.

After leaving the ice, Larocque battled through tears to answer reporters' questions before heading toward the dressing room. It was at that point when an IIHF official pulled her aside to remind the 29-year-old of the "legal" reasons why she must wear her medal, according to Robertson.

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Whether Larocque actually put the medal on or not is unclear. She reportedly nodded in compliance with the official and agreed to wear the medal, but after the conversation, Larocque headed directly to the Canadian dressing room and was not seen by the media after that.

IIHF official tried to force Canada's Larocque to wear unwanted silver medal
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