.@KingHenry_2 went OFF during TNF. 🔥💪🤯
Derrick The Dominator 👹
Ice in his veins.
Red Sox rookie Chavis wins it with extra-inning blast 🎆
.@Lamantha21 is handing out souvenirs tonight.
White Sox's Jimenez returns in big way with 2 monster shots 😳
Hey. Javy’s back. #EverybodyIn
Javy Baez is feeling it after tattooing long HR to center 💪
Uhh, yeah that’ll do. #TeamRizzo
Cubs' Rizzo sends 110-mph HR deep into Wrigley stands
Confirmed: You can’t run on KK. #RaysUp
Rays' Kiermaier shuts down Bellinger with 100.6-mph toss 😲
White Sox turn ridiculous 5-4-3 triple play vs. Astros 😮
Two for Torres!
Yankees' Torres hits another HR to push 2019 total vs. O's to 10
Flight Deck, meet Vladdy! #PLAKATA 💥 | #LetsGoBlueJays
Vladdy crushes 1st 💣 at home with drive to deep center