Dolphins will need a back-up but it won’t be Kaepernick
Verdugo, for the lead! 😤
Verdugo puts Red Sox ahead with clutch 3-run HR
he LITERALLY can't miss @unclejeffgreen is 6/6 from deep 🔥...
Green can't miss from deep 🔥
pass-shoot-score The @TBLightning take the lead late in the...
Palat capitalizes off another perfect feed from Kucherov 🤩
The @Bucks defense is SWARMING early in Game 5! They've all...
Giannis meets Green at the apex
2⃣0⃣ for Tatis!
Padres' Tatis hits NL-leading 20th HR 🤩
Lightning has struck 🚨⚡️ @TBLightning | #GoBolts
Lightning strike first as Kucherov hits Point with insane pass ⚡