Astros' Hinch on rooting for Yankees: 'It would be nice to start at home'
Ray Carlin / USA TODAY Sports

Fresh off the Houston Astros' American League Division Series victory over the Boston Red Sox, manager A.J. Hinch and company must patiently await their opponents, whoever they may be.

Hinch told MLB Network Radio that he doesn't exactly have a horse in the race between the Cleveland Indians and New York Yankees, though facing the Bronx Bombers would come with some built-in benefits.

"It would be nice to start at home," Hinch said. "I stop short of saying I'm rooting for the Yankees cause I don't want to ever root for anyone else. But the four games at Minute Maid would be a huge advantage."

The Indians finished the regular season with the best record in the American League at 102-60, locking down home-field advantage until the World Series. If they lose, that benefit defaults to the Astros who narrowly missed the Indians' mark by going 101-61.

The Astros went 48-33 at home, while the Yankees were the only AL playoff team to have a losing road record at 40-41.

Game 1 of the AL Championship Series - regardless of the Astros opponent - is slated for Friday.

Astros' Hinch on rooting for Yankees: 'It would be nice to start at home'
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