Jeremy Lin cleverly defends himself from Kenyon Martin insul...
Doughty slow to get up after a hit by Staal:
Doughty leaves late after hit by Staal along boards in the corner
"What were you guys talking about?" - @whatwouldDOOdo
Nats' Doolittle interrupts postgame with sick lightsaber skills 😂
The Flames: we need more secondary scoring David Rittich:
Rittich takes a shot at the empty net...but ices it
Max Scherzer: pumped.
Scherzer looks ready to pitch in the World Series 😤
The shot, great. The pass, fantastic. @troystecher and @Jak...
Did Virtanen mean to do this? 🤔 Does it matter? 😲🚨
Mark Stone drops Roman Josi
Mark Stone only needs one punch to drop Josi 🥊