Alonso Escoboza
@ SAN0020
"Does it get OLD?" - @M_Marakovits "It NEVER gets OLD!" - @...
Judge gets champagne shower after Yankees clinch division 🍾
We'll have to check with @statcast on this one, but we're es...
Sano crushes 415-foot shot into 3rd deck at Target Field 😲
.@GardnerMinshew5 is DEALING. 22-yard TD to @DJChark82! πŸ“Ί:...
Minshew drops dime for 2nd TD 😳
this is the purest thing I’ve ever seen goodnight @GrittyNHL
Gritty, meet ... mini-Gritty πŸ˜ŠπŸ™Œ
King of the Confines. #TeamRizzo
Rizzo hammers solo blast during surprise return for Cubs 😲
Austin Hays. You are RIDICULOUS! 😱
Orioles' Hays robs Vlad Jr. of HR with possible catch of the year 😱
Anthony Rizzo's walk-up song on his surprise return to the @...
Rizzo walks up to The Undertaker's theme music during Cubs return ⚰️
Gotta glove it to Jaroslav Halak on this one. 😍
Halak with the ridiculous behind-the-back save 😲❌