John Daly estimates he gambled away $55-57 million
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Former PGA Tour golfer John Daly sat down with Yahoo! Sports' Graham Bensinger and admitted he gambled away an estimated $55-57 million from 1991 to 2007.

Daly's tour career earnings total $9,218,969.51 from 1989-2009. He made close to $100,000 on the tour.

Daly told Bensinger he would be in the casino for days losing track of time, "I've played slots for two days in a row before. One sitting, any time I get up is to go to the bathroom."

He told Bensinger he recalls putting $15-20,000 on a single hand and losing millions because he couldn't stop.

How did he eat through $55-million? 

...we [Glen Wagner] looked through all my tax records, and to find out, 'cause I really didn't know, and it just came out to that. I was shocked, I thought it might have been $20-25, but I had no idea it was $55-57 million. I did it, I move on from it, I had a lot of fun doing it. It's probably from 1991 to 2007. 16 years, you know, just a little over, what, $4-5 million a year maybe?

Daly also played a $5,000 per pull slot machine. "The Wynn came out with a double diamond machine with a cherry that was $5,000 a pull. If you got a cherry you got $10,000."

He continued, "I'd go in and play seven hands at $5, $10, $15 thousand a hand back then. I started playing slots knowing that if I took a lot less money in... you could last a lot longer."

Daly has calmed down now, blaming those years gambling on "stupidity" and telling Bensinger, "If I go in I play the $25 slots, if I hit something I might go up to 100."

John Daly estimates he gambled away $55-57 million
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