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The Match III scorecard: Mickelson-Barkley vs. Manning-Curry

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Five-time major champion Phil Mickelson and NBA Hall of Famer Charles Barkley defeated five-time NFL MVP Peyton Manning and NBA superstar Steph Curry in an 18-hole golf event dubbed "The Match: Champions for Change" on Friday.

Check out our hole-by-hole recap below.

Final score

Mickelson-Barkley win 4 and 3

Hole Mickelson-Barkley Manning-Curry
15 Birdie Birdie
14 Par Par
13 Bogey Bogey
12 Double-bogey Triple-bogey
11 Double-bogey Bogey
10 Birdie Par
9 Par Par
8 Bogey Par
7 Par Double-bogey
6 Par Par
5 Par Bogey
4 Par Bogey
3 Birdie Par
2 Birdie Par
1 Bogey Par

Hole 15: It's over! The underdogs of Mickelson and Barkley birdie the par-5 15th as the match switched to a scramble for one hole. Manning and Curry also birdied, but the tie solidifies the victory for Phil and Chuck.

Hole 14: Neither team could sink its birdie try on the par-3, meaning Mickelson and Barkley have their opponents in dormie. Curry and Manning need to win the next four holes to force a playoff.

Hole 13: The wheels are falling off for both teams. Sloppy golf led to a pair of bogeys and no blood on the par-4 13th. Mickelson and Barkley are nearing dormie territory.

Hole 12: What a disaster for Curry and Manning, who made a triple-bogey seven. They ended up deep in the desert and were forced to take a penalty shot before hacking their way back to green grass. Mickelson and Barkley weren't much better, but their double-bogey was good enough to move 4-up.

Hole 11: Mickelson and Barkley both find trouble off the tee, leaving this for Phil on their third shot.

Curry and Manning cruise to victory to cut the deficit to 3-down as their counterparts card a double-bogey.

Hole 10: Both teams were around the green in two shots on the par 5. However, Manning skulled his bunker shot across the green to leave a lengthy birdie try for Curry, which he could not make. Barkley hit a beautiful lag putt that Mickelson finished off for a birdie to regain a 4-up edge.

Hole 9: Barkley finally shanks one off the tee, but Mickelson's shot on the par 3 gave the team hope. "Sir Charles" lags one perfectly to tap-in range and the Curry-Manning duo also makes par. Mickelson-Barkley lead 3-up at the turn.

Hole 8: Manning and Curry stop the slide with a win on No. 8. Curry's putter remains ice-cold as he missed a short birdie putt set up by Manning. But Barkley could not make a 4-footer for par to give one back as the halfway point nears.

Hole 7: Manning and Curry make a mess of the par-5 seventh as Manning's third shot finds the bunker and they take another four shots to find the bottom of the cup. The hole is conceded with Mickelson staring at a very makeable par putt. Barkley tells the folks at TNT to get "Law & Order" reruns ready because this match might be over early.

Hole 6: Curry hit his best shot of the day so far, sticking his tee ball on the par-3 to roughly 6 feet. The NBA on TNT crew showed up to heckle Barkley and he nearly made his birdie putt with Shaq chirping in his ear. But then Manning lipped out for birdie to remain 3-down.

Hole 5: Mickelson and "Sir Charles" have found their groove. After they safely found the green in regulation and Curry chunked a chip for par, Lefty told the other duo to pick it up for bogey before they had even reached the green. Barkley blew the birdie effort well past, but Mickelson stepped up and drained the hole-winning putt to claim the fourth consecutive hole. This is getting ugly ... fast.

Hole 4: Both teams were in good position off the tee on the par-4 but Manning's approach sailed long to put Curry in a tough spot. Steph and Peyton could not get up-and-down, gifting a third straight hole to Manning and Barkley, who two-putted for the win.

Hole 3: Lefty uncorks a bomb on the driveable par-4 third to give Barkley a look at eagle. Curry's approach left a long birdie try for Manning, who could not convert. Barkley and Mickelson two-putt for birdie to take a 1-up advantage.

Hole 2: Barkley is a machine off the tee, which allowed Mickelson to nearly reach the par 5 in two. Curry failed to make a 5-footer for birdie whereas Mickelson did. We're tied heading to No. 3.

Hole 1: Barkley hit the fairway! But the team did not pick his tee shot. Barkley hit the approach shot long and then the team combined to three-putt for bogey. Manning-Curry made easy work of the par-4 opener to take a 1-up lead.

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