Stenson poses for selfie with fan struck by errant shot
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PEBBLE BEACH, Calif. (AP) Henrik Stenson figured the least he could do after hitting a fan at the U.S. Open with an errant 8-iron was to pose for a selfie.

Stenson's approach shot on the 16th hole at Pebble Beach on Saturday went into the gallery behind the green and hit a young man square in the forehead.

''I hit one of those famous like rockets almost, it was a semi shank, it wasn't a full one. That would have been better, because then it would probably have hit the trees,'' Stenson said. ''But it was a nice flight out to the right, shot it forward, but they can't see anything, I can't see where it's going either, and clipped the guy right in the forehead.''

Stenson went over to check on the man and apologize for the wayward shot and was relieved to see he was feeling OK and hadn't been hit in the eyes or mouth.

''He's in good spirits because he's taking selfies of himself while he's down on the ground,'' Stenson said. ''I walk up to him. I said, `I'm sorry.' What else can you say? And he says, `Can you do me one favor? Can I take a picture with you?' So next thing I'm down on the ground as well, taking a picture, a selfie, laying down with him and his girlfriend.''

Stenson said the fan might have had a few drinks before getting hit, easing the pain. He said he made sure to get his contact information so he can check back and make sure everything's OK and send him a gift.

''I might send him more than just one golf ball next time,'' he said. ''I might send him a couple dozen or something to try to make up for my poor shot.''

Stenson poses for selfie with fan struck by errant shot
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