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France's Frederic Weis thinks Embiid should be banned from Paris Olympics

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Former French Olympian Frederic Weis isn't happy about Joel Embiid choosing to play for Team USA over France at the 2024 Games in Paris.

Embiid was born in Cameroon but holds citizenship in both the United States and France. He stated last year that although it was a "tough" decision, he chose to represent the U.S. at the 2024 Olympics because it's the country he lives in and where his son was born.

Weis, who's best known for getting posterized by Vince Carter at the 2000 Olympics, recently ripped Embiid's decision on his radio show at the French station RMC.

"I consider this boy a great player as much as he is a dirty guy," Weis said, according to Eurohoops. "I hate him for the things that he did. I think he doesn't have any respect for France and also for all the people who are asking for a French passport and don't get it. And under the pretext that he is a great athlete, he got it. I find it scandalous, I find it embarrassing. I don't care about his excuses, cause they are his words, and his words mean nothing."

If it were up to Weis, the Philadelphia 76ers center wouldn't be allowed to enter France or participate in the Olympics.

"I would take away from him the French nationality and I would ban him from entering France. You will not play in the Olympics," Weis said. "You will come to the airport with Team USA and we will say: You don't have the right to enter the territory, go to your home. You are Cameroonian, you are American, you are not French, go away."

Embiid was officially named to Team USA's roster for the 2024 Olympics on Wednesday. He'll be joined on the squad by LeBron James, Stephen Curry, Kevin Durant, and several other superstars.

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