John Scott approached about possible movie, fan-made trailer emerges


The John Scott movie may be closer to becoming a reality than people realize.

Scott's agent Ben Hankinson has already been approached about a potential movie about the All-Star Game MVP's career, according to TSN's Frank Seravalli. The longtime enforcer has also received "a slew of endorsement opportunities."

"The John Scott ride has been nothing short of a rollercoaster to an incredible ending," Hankinson said. "We do have a lot of different options for him to pursue, but he's not looking to do everything there is. He's going to have some different routes that he can take as far as books and even a potential movie. He can take it as far as he wants to."

With All-Star Weekend wrapped up, it's unclear if the 33-year-old will make another appearance on the NHL stage. But Scott, currently a member of the Montreal Canadiens organization, is hopeful he can stay close to hockey.

"Hopefully I can stick around and do something in the sport," said Scott, who is believed to have been offered a radio analyst job in the offseason before signing with the Arizona Coyotes. "If not, I'll do something else for work, you know, 9-to-5."

Meanwhile, the first of what is likely to be many fan-made trailers has already emerged for "John Scott: The Movie," featuring a number of highlights from Sunday's incredible game.