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Rangers' Twitter account avoiding capital letters for series vs. Washington

Harry How / Getty Images Sport / Getty

The New York Rangers are taking a stand against capital letters in preparation for their series against the Washington Capitals.

The Rangers' Twitter account tweeted the following after Capitals defeated the New York Islanders in Game 7 on Monday to advance to the second round and set up a best-of-seven series against New York.

The trend continued on Tuesday:

While the club's social media staff hasn't actually announced their playful boycott, Rangers fans are starting to catch on.

Some fans are adopting the movement themselves.

The movement hasn't been flawless, though. 

The team removed capital letters from its Twitter username and bio, but the club's Twitter handle still has a capital 'N', 'Y' and 'R'. 

There's also this:

Despite being betrayed by a link shortener (and retweeting various tweets containing capital letters), it would be impressive if the Rangers continued the tongue-in-cheek protest for the duration of the series.

As long as the Capitals don't respond by tweeting in all caps, we're good.

- With h/t to SB Nation

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