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Ranking the top 75 players during the regular season

Marc DesRosiers / USA TODAY Sports

After 1,230 games, 6,549 goals and enough saves, hits and attempts at goal to overwhelm our commercial-grade calculator, the NHL's elite - "The 75" - emerged from the other 807 who donned an NHL sweater this season.

Here are those skaters - ranked by individual performance and value to their teams - in an all-encompassing 75-man Hart Trophy ballot.

1) Carey Price, Montreal Canadiens

Record GAA SV% Shutouts
44-16-6 1.96 0.933 9

His brilliance transforming a defective roster into a 110-point division winner, Price was the single most dominant player in the NHL and laid claim to arguably the greatest goaltending season in the Canadiens' rich history.

2) Alex Ovechkin, Washington Capitals

Goals Assists GF% CF%
53 28 52.0 53.6

The purist goal-scorer of this generation waved his wand at an unrivaled pace, winning the Rocket Richard by double digits while failing to present a liability in the defensive zone.

3) John Tavares, New York Islanders

Goals Assists GF% CF%
38 48 53.4 54.7

Criminally underrated, Tavares received his rightful recognition, being named a Hart Trophy finalist for the first time through a full 82-game slate on the strength of the league's most balanced skill set.

4) Jamie Benn, Dallas Stars

Goals Assists GF% CF%
35 52 55.8 54.6

With 10 points in his final three games, Benn won the Art Ross Trophy in the most dramatic, improbable fashion - and he did it with two bad hips.

5) Erik Karlsson, Ottawa Senators

Goals Assists GF% CF%
21 45 52.9 52.8

There isn't a player in hockey who commands the ice and dictates play more effectively than Karlsson, whose 292 shots were the most recorded by a (full-time) defenseman in the post-lockout era.

6) Sidney Crosby, Pittsburgh Penguins

Goals Assists GF% CF%
28 56 57.6 56.0

Despite posting his worst offensive numbers in a season largely unaffected by injury, Crosby still led the league with 1.09 points per game.

7) Devan Dubnyk, Minnesota Wild

Record GAA SV% Shutouts
36-14-4 2.07 0.929 6

A mid-season acquisition like no other, Dubnyk galvanized the Wild, leading them into the second season with a 27-9-2 record, 1.78 goals-against average and .936 save percentage down the stretch.

8) Jonathan Toews, Chicago Blackhawks

Goals Assists GF% CF%
28 38 63.1 55.9

The league's premier two-way pivot, Toews continues to sacrifice his own statistics to absolve top-end competition nightly.

9) Vladimir Tarasenko, St. Louis Blues

Goals Assists GF% CF%
37 36 66.3 54.9

His sorcery not limited to the offensive end, Tarasenko's highlight-reel scoring exploits were made even more impressive by opponents producing 1.76 goals/60 minutes with him on the ice.

10) Ryan Getzlaf, Anaheim Ducks

Goals Assists GF% CF%
25 45 55.0 51.7

His numbers not indicative of the impact he has night in and night out for the best team in the best conference, Getzlaf is a dominant force in all situations and the same in every zone, nook, cranny and crevice on a sheet of ice.

11) Patrick Kane, Chicago Blackhawks

Goals Assists GF% CF%
27 37 55.7 53.0

A legitimate threat to the Art Ross before injury, Kane's career season was undermined, but he finished two points off the Blackhawks' scoring lead in 20 games fewer than Toews.

12) Drew Doughty, Los Angeles Kings

Goals Assists GF% CF%
7 39 54.3 56.6

Winner of the inaugural SAT derby, Doughty had the ice tilted in the opponent's direction longer and more effectively than anyone.

13) Tyler Seguin, Dallas Stars

Goals Assists GF% CF%
37 40 55.8 54.1

With 3.33 points/60 minutes in all situations, Seguin had the most production per unit of timed measurement.

14) Nicklas Backstrom, Washington Capitals

Goals Assists GF% CF%
18 60 50.5 53.9

The only player to 60 assists, Backstrom captured and seemed to build on his Capitals' franchise record for helpers with every passing game in his eighth NHL season.

15) Braden Holtby, Washington Capitals

Record GAA SV% Shutouts
41-20-10 2.22 .923 9

Having made 73 appearances, Holtby was the goalie most heavily-depended on - both a testament to his incredible athleticism and an indictment on his backup.

16) Rick Nash, New York Rangers

Goals Assists GF% CF%
42 27 62.8 50.5

Nash finished as the league's top even-strength sniper, producing 1.73 goals per 60 minutes - though it hasn't translated in the playoffs (again).

17) Steven Stamkos, Tampa Bay Lightning

Goals Assists GF% CF%
43 29 54.3 53.3

Stamkos didn't finish as the Lightning's top per-game point man, but the captain's 43 goals - second-most in the NHL - tilts the scales against Tyler Johnson's 43 helpers.

18) P.K. Subban, Montreal Canadiens

Goals Assists GF% CF%
15 45 56.1 52.1

Career highs in everything, Subban enjoyed his best offensive season while continuing to evolve into a reliable, every-situations defenseman - ranking fifth in total ice.

19) Pekka Rinne, Nashville Predators

Record GAA SV% Shutouts
41-17-6 2.18 .923 4

For a strong portion of the year, Rinne was neck-in-neck with Price, providing exemplary service between the pipes for the best team in hockey, but was not quite the same - much like his team - after returning from a knee injury.

20) Duncan Keith, Chicago Blackhawks

Goals Assists GF% CF%
10 35 54.4 55.9

His offensive numbers took a hit from his Norris-winning 2013-14 campaign, but Keith remains the league's top transition defenseman - his stretch passes works of art.

21) Jakub Voracek, Philadelphia Flyers

Goals Assists GF% CF%
22 59 57.8 53.6

With 20 assists added to his total from last season, Voracek added top-class playmaker to his resume - which is listed in the bullet-point beneath elite power forward.

22) Roman Josi, Nashville Predators

Goals Assists GF% CF%
15 40 60.7 50.3

An elite transition blue-liner in his own right, Josi overshadowed the ying to his yang, Shea Weber, with elite skating ability and offensive upswing - all while proving to be the perfect facilitator in Peter Laviolette's scheme.

23) Tyler Johnson, Tampa Bay Lightning

Goals Assists GF% CF%
29 43 66.0 54.6

Johnson - not Stamkos - finished as the NHL's leader in 5-on-5 points/60 minutes, centering the best second line in hockey. Full stop.

24) Max Pacioretty, Montreal Canadiens

Goals Assists GF% CF%
37 30 67.5 51.5

In addition to being a world-class sniper, the 1.33 GA/60 at even strength - tops among those who took 1,000 minutes - suggests that Pacioretty is the league's best defensive winger.

25) Shea Weber, Nashville Predators

Goals Assists GF% CF%
15 30 59.6 50.6

With the emphasis on offense in Nashville, Weber finished with the fewest goals and his second-worst point total in the last six full seasons, but remains absolutely invaluable to the Predators.

26) Pavel Datsyuk, Detroit Red Wings

Goals Assists GF% CF%
26 39 56.3 59.7

Oh so quietly, Datsyuk was one only eight NHL regulars to average more than a point per game - but was once again plagued by injury.

27) Oliver Ekman-Larsson, Arizona Coyotes

Goals Assists GF% CF%
23 32 45.0 51.6

Having matched a Coyotes' record with 23 goals from the back end, Ekman-Larsson's goal-scoring season was better than any authored by his Norris Trophy countrymen, Erik Karlsson, who topped out with 21 this season.

28) Anze Kopitar, Los Angeles Kings

Goals Assists GF% CF%
16 48 54.3 59.2

The shot-based possession leader among forwards, Kopitar dominated the top Western foe on a consistent basis but fired just 134 shots on goal - a significant dip for a perennial 200-shot man.

29) Zach Parise, Minnesota Wild

Goals Assists GF% CF%
33 29 62.2 53.1

Parise - like Pacioretty - is a 30-goal scorer who boasts sparkling defensive numbers. His 1.69 GA/60 in all situations was third among forwards with at least 1,000 minutes.

30) Andrew Hammond, Ottawa Senators

Record GAA SV% Shutouts
20-1-2 1.79 .941 3

Hammond will exist forever in Ottawa's sporting lore, emerging from relative obscurity and leading the Senators to an improbable postseason appearance with an inimitable, unprecedented and absolutely unbelievable individual run.

31) Jiri Hudler, Calgary Flames

Goals Assists GF% CF%
31 45 54.4 46.4

Calgary kept chugging along in the absence of Mark Giordano, thanks in large part to Hudler's leadership and his assistance in grooming the Flames' young forwards into young stars. Oh, and he finished in a tie for eighth in league scoring.

32) Patrice Bergeron, Boston Bruins

Goals Assists GF% CF%
23 20 48.2 58.0

He may win another Selke, but the Bruins were outscored at even strength with Bergeron on the ice for the first time in five seasons.

33) Mark Giordano, Calgary Flames

Goals Assists GF% CF%
11 37 51.8 48.3

A legitimate Norris candidate before tearing his biceps, Giordano provided enough teachings throughout the first five months to still have a significant hand in carrying the Flames to the playoffs.

34) Evgeni Malkin, Pittsburgh Penguins

Goals Assists GF% CF%
28 42 55.8 55.0

Malkin compiled enough early-season points to finish with a point per game, but folded when it counted, contributing three assists in his final 15 games (and nothing in the postseason).

35) Joe Pavelski, San Jose Sharks

Goals Assists GF% CF%
37 33 56.5 56.9

The Sharks' emergent leader avoided the peaks and valleys that felled many of his teammates and was the deadliest power-play sniper after Ovechkin, scoring 19 goals with the man up.

36) Cory Schneider, New Jersey Devils

Record GAA SV% Shutouts
26-31-9 2.26 .925 5

One of the league's best playing for one of the worst, Schneider, in his 69 appearances, helped the Devils to the third-best 5-on-5 save percentage - behind only Montreal and Chicago.

37) Daniel Sedin, Vancouver Canucks

Goals Assists GF% CF%
20 56 50.0 53.3

Typically the shooter, Daniel deferred more often than not, recording more assists than brother Henrik for the first time in more than decade and leading the league in primary helpers.

38) Henrik Sedin, Vancouver Canucks

Goals Assists GF% CF%
18 55 53.1 54.1

Not far behind, Henrik's offensive totals were just shy of brother Daniel, but was the more efficient player in terms of team performance, evidenced by his superior goals-for percentage.

39) Corey Perry, Anaheim Ducks

Goals Assists GF% CF%
33 22 55.6 50.7

Perry didn't have to be a world-beater on his stacked roster (his preservation speaking volumes in the postseason), but was still one of just 15 players to hit the 30-goal plateau.

40) Marc-Andre Fleury, Pittsburgh Penguins

Record GAA SV% Shutouts
34-20-9 2.32 .920 10

Now the franchise leader in shutouts - finishing with three more than Tom Barrasso posted in 1997-98 - Fleury, for the first time in the long time, was what was right about the Penguins.

41) Johnny Boychuk, New York Islanders

Goals Assists GF% CF%
9 26 58.2 55.5

Behind Tavares, there wasn't a player more valuable to the Islanders than Boychuk, whose loss was felt in Boston just as much as his impact on Long Island.

42) Nick Foligno, Columbus Blue Jackets

Goals Assists GF% CF%
31 42 56.4 50.3

In far and away his best year as a professional, Foligno nearly doubled his output from the previous season and scored his 31 goals with a blazing 17 percent shooting percentage.

43) Claude Giroux, Philadelphia Flyers

Goals Assists GF% CF%
25 48 51.8 52.9

With 11 goals at even strength - including just two on home ice - Giroux finished with a pedestrian 0.54 goals/60 at even strength despite hitting the 25-goal plateau for the fourth straight full 82-game season.

44) Kris Letang, Pittsburgh Penguins

Goals Assists GF% CF%
11 43 55.4 55.7

For stretches of the season, Letang was the best offensive and arguably complete defenseman in hockey - and is absence in the season's final month directly coincided with the Penguins' fall.

45) Ryan Johansen, Columbus Blue Jackets

Goals Assists GF% CF%
26 45 47.2 47.6

After missing most of training camp with a desire to be paid like a superstar, Johansen provided ample return on management's dollar, scoring a career-high 71 points and being one of few Blue Jackets to skate in all 82 games.

46) Kevin Shattenkirk, St. Louis Blues

Goals Assists GF% CF%
8 36 64.4 54.2

Like many of the NHL's premier defenseman, Shattenkirk, too, missed time, but finished leading his position with 2.09 points/60 in all situations.

47) Ryan Kesler, Anaheim Ducks

Goals Assists GF% CF%
20 27 48.1 50.5

Providing elite two-way contributions through center ice and an air of confidence Anaheim was without, Kesler provided every intangible the Ducks needed to ante up out West.

48) Joe Thornton, San Jose Sharks

Goals Assists GF% CF%
16 49 48.2 58.4

Thornton responded to being stripped of his captaincy with another dominant season in terms of possession, finishing third among forwards who took 1,000 minutes and making strides from last season, scoring at a 12.2 percent shooting clip.

49) John Carlson, Washington Capitals

Goals Assists GF% CF%
12 43 51.7 51.3

Not just the man tasked with teeing up Ovechkin on the Capitals' power play, Carlson finished with better 5-on-5 production than Karlsson, Subban and Keith.

50) Jeff Carter, Los Angeles Kings

Goals Assists GF% CF%
28 34 59.3 56.7

Carter finished with his best numbers as a member of the Kings, scoring 62 points, boasting some of the best analytic figures in the league and enhancing the performance of those who rotated in and out from his wing.

51) T.J. Brodie, Calgary Flames

Goals Assists GF% CF%
18 27 50.5 45.3

Among his fledgling peers, it might have been Brodie who took the greatest leap, tasked with the 11th-most ice among skaters and performing admirably against elite competition.

52) Mark Stone, Ottawa Senators

Goals Assists GF% CF%
26 38 56.8 51.9

The most dangerous offensive threat up front for Ottawa, Stone willed his team into the postseason and was the most valuable rookie to his team for his performance down the stretch - even if that doesn't equate to a Calder Trophy.

53) Blake Wheeler, Winnipeg Jets

Goals Assists GF% CF%
26 35 64.0 54.2

Wheeler suffered a slight dip in his production, but had arguably his best season as a professional, helping the Jets score at nearly a 2-to-1 pace with him on the ice at even strength.

54) Henrik Lundqvist, New York Rangers

Record GAA SV% Shutouts
30-13-3 2.25 .922 5

It was another banner season for the King, despite missing time after having a blood vessel damaged by a shot, but there's one thing working against him in MVP voting: Cam Talbot had better numbers and the Rangers, a better record, with him shelved.

55) Victor Hedman, Tampa Bay Lightning

Goals Assists GF% CF%
10 28 59.0 53.9

The towering, fluid-skating athletic freak is a dominant force in all facets of the game, but unfortunately, injuries limited his breakout season to 59 games.

56) Dustin Byfuglien, Winnipeg Jets

Goals Assists GF% CF%
11 30 53.0 52.7

Byfuglien put his truck-like, 260-pound mass through opponents 200 times this season, imposing himself over the competition up front, on defense or wherever Paul Maurice needed him.

57) Corey Crawford, Chicago Blackhawks

Record GAA SV% Shutouts
32-20-5 2.27 .924 2

The performance of his support system hurts his rating, but he was integral in Chicago attaining the best overall team save percentage in the conference.

58) Ryan Suter, Minnesota Wild

Goals Assists GF% CF%
2 36 52.0 51.4

Eventually overtaking Doughty in time on ice, Suter was the NHL's ironman, but would he be more effective in a slightly decreased role?

59) Jonathan Quick, Los Angeles Kings

Record GAA SV% Shutouts
36-22-13 2.24 .918 6

His numbers, commendable, but the defending champions failed to nail down two points on 35 occasions with him in goal - a career worst.

60) Sean Monahan, Calgary Flames

Goals Assists GF% CF%
31 31 50.6 45.6

Monahan dismissed the sophomore slump, nearly doubling his rookie output and finishing with the third-most faceoffs won league-wide.

61) Ryan McDonagh, New York Rangers

Goals Assists GF% CF%
8 25 54.7 48.7

His first season as captain, McDonagh has drawn comparisons to THE captain, Derek Jeter, which speaks larger than any stat or superlative we can offer.

62) Henrik Zetterberg, Detroit Red Wings

Goals Assists GF% CF%
17 49 51.9 54.2

Age is catching up to the old guard in Detroit, but Zetterberg still managed to outpace the young guns emerging from the pipeline in Grand Rapids, leading the Red Wings with 66 points.

63) Anton Stralman, Tampa Bay Lightning

Goals Assists GF% CF%
9 30 58.8 56.3

Grounding the Lightning at the defensive end, Stralman was the perfect fit for the Bolts' scheme, continuously feeding their transition attack with an adept first pass.

64) Nikita Kucherov, Tampa Bay Lightning

Goals Assists GF% CF%
29 36 66.7 56.0

Kucherov was the NHL's only skater on the ice for more than five goals/60 in all situations.

65) Tuukka Rask, Boston Bruins

Record GAA SV% Shutouts
34-21-13 2.30 .922 3

Rask was one of just two goalies to face more than 2,000 shots, his career-worst numbers (which were still top-10 among regulars) an indictment on the players in front of him - not his performance from start-to-start.

66) Logan Couture, San Jose Sharks

Goals Assists GF% CF%
27 40 47.4 50.5

A career high in assists and points and a solid contributor on special teams, yet Couture's season feels like a disappointing one.

67) Alex Steen, St. Louis Blues

Goals Assists GF% CF%
24 40 56.0 52.6

Steen hit career highs in assists and points, led the Blues in power-play production, was one of two to record at least 200 shots and was trusted with the most ice time among Ken Hitchcock's fleet of forwards.

68) Justin Faulk, Carolina Hurricanes

Goals Assists GF% CF%
15 34 44.3 55.1

The lowly Hurricanes wouldn't have been a top-ten possession team without the 23-year-old Faulk, who set the franchise record for single-season points by a defenseman with his 49.

69) Johnny Gaudreau, Calgary Flames

Goals Assists GF% CF%
24 40 54.6 46.6

Gaudreau is a worthy candidate for freshman of the year, having compiled his rookie co-leading 64 points against the best the West has to offer, and piling up that production in a magnetic, alluring fashion.

70) Filip Forsberg, Nashville Predators

Goals Assists GF% CF%
26 37 62.5 57.0

Unlike Gaudreau, Forsberg was the most efficient forward on his team - a far better one in the regular season at that - but was edged slightly in the points race and in production per 60 minutes.

71) Tyson Barrie, Colorado Avalanche

Goals Assists GF% CF%
12 41 55.5 45.3

Karlsson West. No defenseman produced more even-strength points than the Avalanche's roving Barrie.

72) Radim Vrbata, Vancouver Canucks

Goals Assists GF% CF%
31 32 53.4 51.4

The new trigger man on the Canucks' top line, Vrbata was one of only 10 players to score at least 30 goals to go along with 30 assists.

73) Dougie Hamilton, Boston Bruins

Goals Assists GF% CF%
10 32 49.0 55.0

Hamilton's linear ascent continued in his third year, becoming the Bruins' most reliable rearguard, and is arguably the best skater - behind Tarasenko - without a contract for next season.

74) Hampus Lindholm, Anaheim Ducks

Goals Assists GF% CF%
7 27 59.8 51.3

One of the top one-on-one defenders in the NHL, Lindholm emerged as the best of the impressive young fleet of blue-liners growing together in Anaheim.

75) Steve Mason, Philadelphia Flyers

Record GAA SV% Shutouts
18-18-11 2.25 .928 3

With the third-best save percentage in the league, Mason was one of only few non-issues for the Flyers - despite Craig Berube's steady vilification.

Just Missed: Ondrej Palat, Tampa Bay Lightning; Alex Edler, Vancouver Canucks; Kyle Turris, Ottawa Senators; Aaron Ekblad, Florida Panthers; Mike Ribeiro, Nashville Predators.

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