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NHL website to feature Corsi, Fenwick beginning in February

Lucas Jackson / Reuters

The NHL's official website is on the verge of a significant upgrade. will begin offering Corsi, Fenwick, PDO and other enhanced statistics next month, NHL chief operating officer John Collins confirmed to Yahoo Sports on Wednesday.

The additions are scheduled for late February.

"You’re going to see a big change in the way we present our stats, in terms of the depth and the utility of how to do it," Collins said. "And that’s before the puck tracking (system)."

The league tested a new tracking system at the All-Star festivities in Columbus last weekend. The new statistical categories will not initially be tied to the tracking technology.

The new offering will include Corsi, Fenwick, PDO, zone starts, average shot distance, goals and assists per 60 minutes and penalties drawn and taken per period and per game.

It will date back to the 2010-11 season and will be incorporated into the existing player and team statistics pages.

Last summer, multiple NHL teams hired analytics experts, and the league's website changed its terms of service shortly after, prohibiting other sites from re-purposing its own statistical information.

Clearly, the NHL was interested in hosting the advanced metrics itself, and Wednesday's announcement simply confirms the league's intent.

While many of the players are still reluctant to embrace analytics, management personnel at both the team and league levels are proving to be more progressive. 

Now that the enhanced stats are about to become prominently available, it should benefit fans as long as analytics websites like, War-On-Ice and BehindTheNet are allowed to co-exist.

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