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Maple Leafs fan tossed wife's jersey to express displeasure with club

John E. Sokolowski / Reuters

There's a new wrinkle in the latest jersey-tossing incident in Toronto.

One of the three fans charged, fined and banned from Maple Leafs games for a year after throwing jerseys onto the Air Canada Centre ice Monday revealed that it wasn't his own sweater he discarded in protest  - it was his wife's. 

Trevor (last name not disclosed) explained the rationale behind his actions to Jenny Yuen of the Toronto Sun:

It was the worst Leafs game I've been at. I'm fed up with how management's doing things, fed up with how some guys are playing or not playing - they're just not showing any heart and soul, man. It was my wife's first game and I asked her for her jersey and that's what I threw. She gladly gave it to me. I wasn't about to throw my Wendel Clark jersey - that has been the heart and soul of the Leafs for years.

I told the police when I was downstairs that I waited for the play to come out of their end, I wasn't trying to hit anyone with the jersey, I wanted to throw it where (players) weren't. They were going the other way and I purposefully waited for that. They gave me a fine and told me to not come back for a year, so that's fine by me.

While center Nazem Kadri called out fans who toss jerseys on the ice, Trevor said he believes hard-working, ticket-buying fans have the right to express how they feel about the state of the club to management.

"Maybe it's disrespectful of the players but management has got to see what the true fans are going through," he argued. "He has his opinion, I have mine. And I threw it on the ice."

Now that Trevor will be spared the expense of purchasing tickets for at least a year, we certainly hope he'll use those savings to buy his wife a new jersey.

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