Jets' Maurice drops F-bomb, tells reporter he could make him cry

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Since moving to Winnipeg three years ago, the Winnipeg Jets have never made the postseason. 

This season, they're off to a dubious 1-4-0 start to the 2014-15 campaign and in the meat grinder that is the Central Division, the Jets are losing ground fast, and tension is mounting.

That tension came to a boil on Monday as usually mild-mannered head coach Paul Maurice momentarily lost his cool and swore at a reporter, CBC's Jeff Hamilton, who was asking about accountability in the locker room.

"Blake (Wheeler) talked about the idea of accountability," Hamilton began, "and how it wasn't necessarily the players' jobs to keep other teammates accountable ... "

Maurice cut him off there and responded in colorful, uncharacteristic fashion:

It's not the players job to tell you about it!

They don't have to come out here and open this book up to you and tell you everything that goes on in the room. I could make you cry in that fucking room! 

Listen, I understand that you have to work with what you're given and I appreciate that. But the accountability in the room is fine, we deal with our problems directly. 

Gathering himself, Maurice then apologized for his use of profanity.

The Jets will resume their homestand on Tuesday when they face the minnow Carolina Hurricanes. For the sake of Winnipeg-based hockey fans and Maurice's blood pressure, hopefully it goes better than the 4-1 drubbing the Calgary Flames doled out to the Jets on Sunday night.

Jets' Maurice drops F-bomb, tells reporter he could make him cry
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