Jonathan Toews does the Ice Bucket Challenge while wake surfing

Thomas Drance
Jerry Lai / USA TODAY Sports

Chicago Blackhawks captain Jonathan Toews is a specimen, a hockey machine built to win games. 

His preternatural spacial awareness and balance are on full display in his impressive Ice Bucket Challenge video. Toews reads his challenges from a lake, while standing on a wake surfboard. Eventually he gives the driver the signal to go, and rides the wake behind the speedboat. 

Toews tosses back the rope, accepts a small bucket of ice from his pals, and pours it on own head all while wake surfing. It takes an amusing surprise from his pals to finally knock him off the board:

It's tough to do something original and genuinely funny in an Ice Bucket Challenge video at this point, so kudos to Toews for somehow managing it. 

[H/T Puck Drunk Love]