Naslund confirms he spoke with president Linden about management job with Canucks

Thomas Drance
REUTERS / Andy Clark

When former Vancouver Canucks captain Markus Naslund resigned as the general manager of Örnsköldsvik-based SHL club Modo this past spring, there was some speculation that he might join Vancouver's management team. Naslund was quick to deny those rumors and even denied being in Vancouver, where he was frequently spotted around town. 

As it turns out, Naslund did talk with his former teammate and current Vancouver Canucks president Trevor Linden and even confirmed that there was some talk – albeit informal, preliminary talk – about joining Vancouver's new-look management team.

"I had some contact with Trevor, but not more than that he wanted to discuss some stuff with me (informally)," said the former Canucks captain of his conversations with his former teammate (and fellow former Canucks captain) in an interview with Jonatan Lindquist of Expressen.

"Earlier there was talk about (finding a management role in Vancouver), but I don't feel ready for that. If I would decide to work in hockey, it should be with all of my heart, I can't do anything at 50 per cent," continued Naslund, whose No. 19 hangs from the rafters at Rogers Arena in Vancouver, B.C.

While Naslund, who is credited with saving Modo – a club that was on the brink of relegation in his first season – wasn't ready to jump into a management role this summer, at some point he seems a likely candidate to work in an NHL front office. His primary motivation? Winning the Stanley Cup that alluded his grasp as a player.

"Absolutely, that's what haunts me inside and a drive that's certainly there," Naslund said of winning a Stanley Cup as a front-office executive. 

"But then you have to weigh that against everything else. If I'm gonna work with hockey it's probably gonna be something over there. Sure, I can work as a scout here but it will likely mean that I move," Naslund continued.

"Is it worth it when you have kids [who] have made their roots here, with friends, school and the community? Only for me to get a chance to fulfill my dream when I've been living that life for so many years. Now, I'm not saying that my family is stopping me in any way, but sometimes I get a bit of bad conscience over the fact that it's always on my terms."

[Translation courtesy Jonatan Lindquist]