P.K. Subban reluctant to splurge after signing new $72-million contract

Katie Flynn
Stephen A Sylvanie / USA TODAY Sports

The Montreal Canadiens locked up P.K. Subban with an eight-year, $72-million contract, but the defenseman hasn't done any significant shopping since.

On TheFan 590 last week, Subban told Bob McCown his idea of splurging is a nice dinner.

"Splurging for me is probably going for a nice dinner and having a nice bottle of wine," he said. "But I'm training now, so my trainer won't let me have any wine. So I don’t know how much splurging I can do right now."

Subban hasn't taken his position as one of the NHL's top defenders for granted, saving all the money he can while it's coming in.

"I actually had a conversation with my mom the day before I signed about my Visa statement coming in and [having] too many expenses there."

Subban isn't looking to make any large purchases in the near future either, electing to donate to charities instead.

" ... The NHL, it’s a great league to play in. And, I've got to say, out of the 722 players in the league, we all live pretty good lives," he said.