Michael Del Zotto says he's waiting for the right opportunity to prove himself

Justin Cuthbert
Kevin Hoffman / USA TODAY Sports

A rookie revelation just five years ago, Michael Del Zotto remains without an employer through mid-July. 

The 24-year-old unrestricted free agent failed to receive a qualifying offer from the Nashville Predators after being discarded by the New York Rangers last season. 

A point-a-game contributor in junior, Del Zotto is working on both his game and his mentality as he continues to angle for the right fit on the open market. 

"It’s a confidence game. So I'm just trying to get it back this summer," Del Zotto told Sportsnet's Luke Fox. "I know what I can do and can provide a team. I've done it in the past; I'm just trying to get there again."

Having had his offensive capabilities reduced to just 16 points last season, Del Zotto is eager to rediscover the aspect of his game that made him the 20th-overall pick in 2008.

"This summer is the hardest I've ever worked. I've shown I can play both ends of the ice," he said. "Obviously the strength of my game is the offensive side, so putting up numbers for me is going to be key. Just trying to find the best fit for me to come in and play my game."

Del Zotto admitted that he's been in conversation with "a bunch" of teams, but wouldn't reveal any specifics with regards to who he has negotiated with.