Henrik Lundqvist on 'pulling a Ray Bourque' to chase a Stanley Cup: 'I want to be a New Yorker'

Thomas Drance
Bruce Bennett / Getty

Henrik Lundqvist has spent much of his summer reflecting on a gut wrenching Stanley Cup Final loss to the Los Angeles Kings this past June. Also filming commercials. 

Swedish media outlet Expressen caught up with him on set at the filming of a Head and Shoulders commercial this week, and asked him about the loss and his future in New York. 

"As soon as we lost the final it felt that I wanted to go home," said the well coiffed netminder in Swedish via a translation provided to theScore by Jonatan Lindquist. "The loss was tough, a huge disappointment, but at the same time I'm am very happy with the way we performed as a team. I believe that you always will look back on certain parts (of the run), some that were good and some that were not so good.

"It took me nine years to reach my first final," continued the Olympic gold medal winner, responding to a question about whether or not he feels like he missed his shot at winning a championship. "It's one thing when you're competing in individual sports, then it's up to you. Now it's many pieces that have to fall in place."

Lundqvist was also asked if he could see himself ever "pulling a Ray Bourque" and leaving the Manhattan based New York Rangers for another market in pursuit of a Stanley Cup trophy:

I have a very hard time seeing myself doing that. Then again, there is so much going on every season, the way people perceive you. You have a good feeling now, but if you have a rough six months complaints are [going to] be raised. [Fans are short on patience], especially in New York. 

I have always been saying that my biggest dream is to win, but also to win in New York. It's tough to look in to the future. But heck, I want to be a New Yorker. If I get the chance to play these seven years here I will.

That's Lundqvist for you, handsome, loyal, and singularly great at stopping pucks.