Report: Dan Boyle unlikely to sign with Islanders, will decide this week

Thomas Drance
Bob Stanton-USA TODAY Sports

The New York Islanders surrendered a conditional mid-round pick for the right to negotiate with 37-year-old veteran defender and power-play ace Dan Boyle late last week. 

It was the type of risky maneuver that has evolved into a signature part of Islanders general manager Garth Snow's managerial playbook. Sometimes it pays off, like with new Islanders starter Jaroslav Halak; sometimes it doesn't, like with Buffalo Sabres defender Christian Ehrhoff.

In the case of Boyle, it appears that Snow and the Islanders are likely to get burned:

In addition to wanting to play for a contending team, Boyle also wants to sign a two-year deal, according to his agent. Because Boyle is more than 35 years old, it could prove difficult to find a cap ceiling team willing to commit term to a guy who would be due a 35-plus contract

If that's what Boyle wants, his best bet may be to hit the open market. As for the Islanders, if Strickland's report is true, they'll have to hustle to try and recoup the fifth-round draft pick they sent to San Jose in order to open an "exclusive negotiating window" with Boyle. 

It might prove difficult, considering Boyle's tricky demands. 

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