5 fun things to know about the Stanley Cup Final

Justin Bourne

You know a lot about the Stanley Cup, I get that. You’re a hockey fan, it’s the season’s climax, how could you not?

I still guarantee you learn at least one thing below, and likely closer to four or five. If not, well, your money back.

Did you know…


12 players have won the Cup back-to-back seasons...with different teams

Marian Hossa did the reverse with the Pittsburgh Penguins and Detroit Red Wings in 2008 and 2009. The guys who did it right?

PlayerFirst ChampionSecond Champion
Cory Stillman2004 Tampa Bay2006 Carolina
Claude Lemieux1995 New Jersey1996 Colorado
Al Arbour1961 Chicago1962 Toronto
Ed Litzenberger1961 Chicago1962 Toronto
Ab McDonald1960 Montreal1961 Chicago
Eddie Gerard1922 Toronto1923 Ottawa
Lionel Conacher1934 Chicago1935 Montreal
Eddie Gerard1921 Ottawa1922 Toronto
Harry Holmes1917 Seattle1918 Toronto
Bruce Stuart1908 Montreal1909 Ottawa
Art Ross1907 Kenora1908 Montreal
Jack Marshall1901 Winnipeg1902 Montreal


There have been nine women's names engraved on the Stanley Cup

And we’re not talking about dudes named Kelly. Those esteemed women:

  • Marguerite Norris (1955) - President of the Detroit Red Wings
  • Sonia Scurfield (1989) - Co-owner of the Calgary Flames
  • Marie-Denise DeBartolo York (1991) - President of the Pittsburgh Penguins
  • Marian Ilitch (1997, 1998) - Co-owner of the Detroit Red Wings
  • Denise Ilitch (1997, 1998) - Detroit Red Wings
  • Lisa Ilitch (1997, 1998) - Detroit Red Wings
  • Carole Ilitch Trepeck (1997, 1998) - Detroit Red Wings
  • Charlotte Grahame (2001) - Executive management with the Colorado Avalanche
  • Nancy Anchutz (2012) - Co-owner, Los Angeles Kings


15 sub .500 teams have made the Cup final

Sub .500! These days you can finish with 90 points and miss playoffs. 

Those teams:

1991Minnesota North Stars27-39-14
1982Vancouver Canucks30-33-17
1968St. Louis Blues27-31-16
1961Detroit Red Wings25-29-16
1959Toronto Maple Leafs27-32-11
1958Boston Bruins27-28-15
1953Boston Bruins28-29-13
1951Montreal Canadiens25-30-15
1950New York Rangers28-31-11
1949Toronto Maple Leafs22-25-13
1944Chicago Blackhawks22-23- 5
1942Detroit Red Wings19-25- 4
1939Toronto Maple Leafs19-20- 9
1938Chicago Blackhawks14-25- 9
1937New York Rangers19-20- 9


6 players have won Olympic gold and the Stanley Cup in the same year

Those players:

Ken Morrow1980USA, New York Islanders
Steve Yzerman2002Canada, Detroit Red Wings
Brendan Shanahan2002Canada, Detroit Red Wings
Jonathan Toews2010Canada, Chicago Blackhawks
Duncan Keith2010Canada, Chicago Blackhawks
Brent Seabrook2010Canada, Chicago Blackhawks

That will change this year, with guys like Jeff Carter, Drew Doughty, Rick Nash and Martin St. Louis in the Cup Final after winning gold with Canada in Sochi.


There has only been nine - just nine! - penalty shots awarded in the Stanley Cup Final

June 6, 2007Antoine Vermette (Ott)J.S. Giguere (Ana)Save
June 5, 2006Chris Pronger (Edm)Cam Ward (Car)Goal
June 7, 1994Pavel Bure (Van)Mike Richter (NYR)Save
May 18, 1990Petr Klima (Edm)Rejean Lemelin (Bos)Save
May 30, 1985Dave Poulin (Phi)Grant Fuhr (Edm)Save
May 28, 1985Ron Sutter (Phi)Grant Fuhr (Edm)Save
May 16, 1971Frank Mahovlich (Mtl)Tony Esposito (Chi)Save
April 13, 1944Virgil Johnson (Chi)Bill Durnan (Mtl)Save
April 15, 1937Alex Shibicky (NYR)Earl Robertson (Det)Save

And there you have it. Admit it. You learned a hockey something you didn't know today, and you're a better fan for it.

(Source: NHL.com)