Marc Bergevin says he's made a decision on extending head coach Michel Therrien

Thomas Drance

Ahead of Game 1 of the Montreal Canadiens' Eastern Conference final series against the New York Rangers on Saturday, Canadiens general manager Marc Bergevin met with the press. In the course of addressing a number of issues, Bergevin lavished praise on Canadiens head coach Michel Therrien who, in his second season with the club, guided les habitants to an upset victory over their ancient rival the Boston Bruins in the second round.

"Michel Therrien’s a good coach today and he was six months ago and he was a good coach when we lost five in a row," Bergevin said per Bill Beacon of the Canadian Press. "Michel and I have a good (relationship). We talk a lot. We share ideas."

Bergevin continued: "Am I shocked with where we are today with way he handles the team? No. But he’s a really good coach and he’s proving it now."

The Canadiens' general manager was then asked whether or not he'd made up his mind on offering Therrien a contract extension. Bergevins answer was telling:

Therrien was hired in June of 2012 and signed to a three-year contract extension that will conclude at the close of the 2014-15 NHL season. Generally NHL head coaches are rewarded with an extension prior to the beginning of their "lame duck" final season, so Therrien could be in line for an extension this summer. 

Based on the suffocating defensive play of his team, and some of Therrien's effective postseason adjustments - namely increasing P.K. Subban's ice-time substantially in the postseason, and replacing Doug Murray with Nathan Bealieu in Game 6 of the second round series vs. Boston - Therrien's earned some additional rope from management, not to mention a raise, with his coaching prowess this Spring.