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GIF: Ducks' Perry fills Jeff Carter's glove with water

Richard Mackson / USA TODAY Sports

Corey Perry is an excellent hockey player, and a committed jerk. One time he stole Alexander Semin's stick, just for the laughs. If you type "Corey Perry j" into Google Search, it suggests "jerk" before even "jersey" or "junior stats."

In Game 3 of Anaheim's opening round Stanley Cup playoff series, Perry was up to his old tricks. During a stoppage in play, Perry was taking a sip of water when he saw Carter's glove lying harmlessly on the gate at the Kings bench. Never one to miss an opportunity to troll an opponent, Perry proceeded to fill Carter's glove with water:

[By @myregularface, courtesy NBCSN]

It was only a few months ago that Carter and Perry were teammates on Team Canada's 2014 men's Olympic hockey team, and won a gold medal together. But now it's the playoffs, and making Carter play with wet gloves - even with the referee standing right there - isn't something that'll keep Perry up at night. Just add this one to Perry's rapidly expanding "jerk highlight reel".

GIF: Ducks' Perry fills Jeff Carter's glove with water
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