Kings GM Lombardi hoping Gaborik can be like Patrick Kane

Katie Flynn
Bruce Fedyck / USA TODAY

The Los Angeles Kings set out to get some scoring help at the trade deadline on March 5th. They pulled the trigger and traded for Columbus Blue Jackets forward Marian Gaborik.

Kings general manager Dean Lombardi explained why they acquired him.

"We're the top two or three in league in terms of having the puck, so he should fit in good with us." Lombardi told the Los Angeles Times. "He has something we don't have. We don't need him to be 'that guy' every night but you're going to have to win us a game here or there when we don't have our game going."

The Chicago Blackhawks, a rival of the Kings, have a gifted forward named Patrick Kane they rely on for a boost. This is what Lombardi hopes Gaborik can be for the Kings.

"That's what Chicago has done. Chicago can [struggle] and then Kane can just do something off the charts and they go home with the two points."

Head coach Darryl Sutter is impressed with Gaborik's body of work in the NHL, hinting his players should take note of his game.

"Those guys should really check and just see he's only been a minus-player once. He's averaged 37-some goals in his career."

Gaborik was a -1 with zero points and 16:38 of ice time in his first game with the Kings Thursday.