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Report: High-sticking challenge among 6 proposed NHL rule changes

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Six rule changes will be proposed to the NHL's competition committee and board of governors ahead of the 2024-25 season, according to Sportsnet's Elliotte Friedman. Another will take immediate effect coming out of the general manager meetings in Florida.

Two new coach's challenges are being proposed to review puck-over-glass and high-sticking penalties.

Teams would be able to challenge if they believe the puck hit something on the way out on a puck-over-glass call. Additionally, a team could ask to review a high-sticking penalty if it's believed there wasn't an offense committed by its player.

In both cases, the team would go down to a five-on-three if the call on the ice stands.

A rule change taking immediate effect is a ban on players having legs over the bench while not on the ice. A team will first be warned before a bench minor is assessed.

No changes are being proposed to the current overtime format. There was consideration of extending the extra period to seven minutes, but the idea didn't gain traction, according to Friedman.

Here are the rest of the potential rule changes:

  • Goaltenders will be added to the list of players who can be penalized for intentionally dislodging the net.
  • When a goaltender loses his mask and play is blown dead, the opposing team gets an offensive zone faceoff with the choice of side, regardless of where the puck was at the time of the whistle.
  • If players refuse to play the puck after a high stick or a hand pass, the non-offending team would get a faceoff one zone better than where the play occurs. For example, a defensive zone offense would result in a neutral zone draw.
  • After an icing, the offensive center gets a warning on a faceoff violation, rather than being tossed from the draw.

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