NHL wants interview with Lehner after goalie alleges medical malpractice

Ethan Miller / Getty Images Sport / Getty

The NHL is reaching out to Robin Lehner to discuss the Vegas Golden Knights netminder's claims that teams knowingly circumvented medical protocol.

The league is attempting to arrange an interview with Lehner to address his allegations, deputy commissioner Bill Daly told ESPN's Emily Kaplan.

Lehner made various accusations on Twitter over two days, beginning Friday night with a criticism of the NHLPA for its handling of the Jack Eichel injury situation.

On Saturday, the goaltender shifted his focus to what he said is a widespread issue in the league involving prescription drugs. First, the 30-year-old threatened to reveal information every day until the NHL acknowledged his concerns.

Ten minutes later, Lehner tagged both the league and NHLPA in a subsequent tweet before continuing on the subject.

Lehner then took aim at Philadelphia Flyers head coach Alain Vigneault and again tweeted at the NHL's official account, this time suggesting the league should contact him.

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