Chara's sticks mistakenly sent to New Jersey man: 'Why is this box so tall?'

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Ariel Ben-Abraham, a 20-year-old New Jersey resident, received the unlikeliest of packages on his doorstep Monday: a box of Zdeno Chara's hockey sticks.

True Sports, the manufacturer of the towering defender's twigs, sent a package labeled for the Washington Capitals' practice facility, but it ended up in Ben-Abraham's possession.

"I'm thinking to myself, 'Why is this box so tall?'" Ben-Abraham told The Athletic. "I opened it, and there's a bunch of hockey sticks. And I'm like, 'What did I order?'"

Ben-Abraham took to Twitter to point out FedEx's mishap, and it quickly went viral with over 14,000 likes.

He said the box contained 17-20 of Chara's sticks - a model that isn't available to the public yet. True Sports top-priced sticks go for nearly $300 apiece.

"This has to take the cake as the strangest thing I've gotten by mistake," Ben-Abraham told ESPN. "Future Hall of Famer's sticks, for the tallest player in NHL history? That's crazy. Those odds don't even make sense."

True Sports reached out to Ben-Abraham to inform him of the mix-up's severity, but he was already planning to return the sticks to their rightful owner.

"He said he was going to report me. Report what? They dropped off the box and handed it to me. There's nothing really to report here, buddy," Ben-Abraham said. "I said, 'Brother, if I posted it to social media, I'm pretty sure you're going to get everything back."

Chara's sticks mistakenly sent to New Jersey man: 'Why is this box so tall?'
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