Watch: Sabres finally get 1st goal by a defenseman this season

Michael Martin / National Hockey League / Getty

It took nearly 30 games, and it was almost nullified upon review, but it finally happened.

A Buffalo Sabres defenseman scored a goal for the first time this season when Jake McCabe fired one in from the point late in the second period against the Colorado Avalanche Tuesday night.

The goal was challenged by the Avalanche, who believed the Sabres were offside when Johan Larsson touched the puck on the zone entry (and it initially appeared they were correct), but the NHL ruled the play was onside.

"After reviewing all available replays and consulting with the linesman, NHL hockey operations staff confirmed that all Sabres players tagged up at the blue line prior to Johan Larsson touching the puck in the offensive zone, rendering the play onside," the league explained. "Therefore the original call stands - good goal Buffalo Sabres."

The Avalanche were assessed a delay of game minor penalty for losing the challenge.