USA announces preliminary roster for World Junior Hockey Championship
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USA Hockey has released a list of 28 names for their preliminary roster for the upcoming World Junior Hockey Championship taking place in Buffalo, New York.


Player Current team NHL team
Joey Anderson Univ. of Minnesota-Duluth Devils (2016 3rd round)
Jack Badini Harvard Univ. Ducks (2017 3rd round )
Kieffer Bellows Portland Winterhawks (WHL) Islanders (2016 1st round)
Logan Brown Windsor Spitfires (OHL) Senators (2016 1st round)
Trent Frederic Univ. of Wisconsin Bruins (2016 1st round)
Patrick Harper Boston Univ. Predators (2016 5th round)
Max Jones London Knights (OHL) Ducks (2016 1st round)
Will Lockwood Univ. of Michigan Canucks (2016 3rd round)
Hugh McGing Western Michigan Univ. Undrafted
Casey Mittelstadt Univ. of Minnesota Sabres (2017 1st round)
Josh Norris Univ. of Michigan Sharks (2017 1st round)
Ryan Poehling St. Cloud State Univ. Canadiens (2017 1st round)
Brady Tkachuk Boston Univ. 2018 draft eligible
Riley Tufte Univ. of Minnesota-Duluth Stars (2016 1st round)
Kailer Yamamoto Spokane Chiefs (WHL) Oilers (2017 1st round)


Player Current team NHL team
Mikey Anderson Univ. of Minnesota-Duluth Kings (207 4th round)
Adam Fox Harvard Univ. Flames (2016 3rd round)
Quinn Hughes Univ. of Michigan 2018 draft eligible
Cole Hults Penn State Univ. Kings (2017 5th round)
Phil Kemp Yale Univ. Oilers (2017 7th round)
Ryan Lindgren Univ. of Minnesota Bruins (2016 2nd round)
Andrew Peeke Univ. of Notre Dame Blue Jackets (2016 2nd round)
Scott Perunovich Univ. of Minnesota-Duluth Undrafted
Dylan Samberg Univ. of Minnesota-Duluth Jets (2017 2nd round)
Reilly Walsh Harvard Univ. Devils (2017 3rd round)


Player Current team NHL team
Jake Oettinger Boston Univ. Stars (2017 1st round)
Jeremy Swayman Univ. of Maine Bruins (2017 4th round)
Joseph Woll Boston College Maple Leafs (2016 3rd round)

Regardless of the final cuts that are made, the Americans look well-equipped to defend their title.

USA announces preliminary roster for World Junior Hockey Championship
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