USA Hockey, women's nationals will meet Monday to discuss wage dispute

Portland Press Herald / Getty

USA Hockey will sit down with members of the women's national team to discuss wage and inequality issues that have prompted the players to boycott the IIHF World Championship in Plymouth, Mich., later this month, according to the Associated Press' Stephen Whyno.

The meeting, to be held in Philadelphia, will occur two days before the team is scheduled to begin training camp.

It was announced Wednesday that until significant progress is made toward rectifying these disparities, players would not report to the tournament, which is scheduled to begin March 31.

Since that announcement, USA Hockey and the women's national team haven't appeared to be progressing closer to a resolution, trading pointed releases, statements, and tweets.

At the crux of the issue is the lack of compensation the highly successful team receives during non-Olympic years. Players say they earn "virtually nothing" outside the six-month residency program, wherein which they earn as little as $1,000 per month.