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Canadian farmer pulled over for using Zamboni to clear snow-covered street


A British Columbia farmer decided to take matters into his own hands by getting behind the wheel of his personal Zamboni.

Marko Kardum used the Zamboni - purchased second-hand for $300 - to try and clear a city street to help his aunt get out of her driveway, and was subsequently pulled over by local authorities.

"We had that heavy snow (Monday) night so we wanted to see if the Zamboni would do a better job. So we took it out and we got it up to my aunt’s house and back and that’s when we got pulled over," Kardum told The Times Colonist.

Sgt. Paul Brailey deemed Kardum's intentions to be good and not reckless, but while the Zamboni was able to clear a top layer of snow, it flattened the bottom layer which could have hardened into a dangerously icy surface if the temperature dropped.

Lesson learned, as Kardum plans to keep the Zamboni on his farm from now on.

- With h/t Puck Daddy

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