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American fan appears to urinate on Datsyuk's skate in Russia's locker room


A controversial (and possibly fake) video allegedly filmed after Russia's 7-2 routing of the United States at the Ice Hockey World Championships on Sunday shows what appears to be an American fan relieving himself on one of Pavel Datsyuk's skates.

The video was uploaded by a YouTube user named Scott Edwards over the weekend, but has since been removed. It starts off with the fan dancing around the Russian locker room with a giant Uncle Sam emoji painted on his chest. He then walks over to a locker with Datsyuk's jersey hanging in it and appears to urinate on one of the skates belonging to the Russian star.

It's unclear whether the video is real or not, but Puck Daddy reader Duncan A. offered some reasons why it could be fake:

1. Sponsor patch on the side of the jersey should be orange not white
2. Numbers on the back and side of the jersey are the wrong size
3. Captains C is way too big
4. No Nike logo on the front of the jersey
5. Blue extends down to the Russia flag below the elbows when it should only go to the shoulder
6. Datsyuks "gloves" have white stripes on them in the video but should be all red.
7. Datsyuks "sticks" do not have red tape on the top

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