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Seahawks' Carroll: Refs called 'way too many penalties' during TNF

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The Dallas Cowboys and Seattle Seahawks put on one of the best games of the season Thursday, but the contest was marred by an abundance of penalties.

Seahawks head coach Pete Carroll was upset with the performance of the officials - who called 19 total penalties for 257 penalty yards - after the Cowboys' 41-35 win.

"It's unfortunate that it feels like there was a whole 'nother factor in this game," Carroll said, according to ESPN's Brady Henderson. "I don't know, you guys saw it a lot better than I did, but there was just way too many penalties in this game, for both sides. We've got to get out of that kind of football."

Carroll called the officials' decision late in the first quarter to flag for a delay of game prior to a field-goal attempt an "error," saying the play clock should've been reset. The penalty pushed the kick to 42 yards, and Jason Myers missed it wide right.

"Officials moved the football from the middle to the hash, and they're supposed to reset the clock, and they didn't do it," Carroll said. "And so we're griping about that and the time, it got me."

Referee Clete Blakeman disagreed with Carroll, saying "there wasn't any undue delay in any way" and that "it was a normal procedure."

Carroll said he'll try and address the issue of over-officiating after the season.

"They know the game, they know how to make these calls, but they can't call everything that when there's a little this and a little that, and particularly when it doesn't affect the play," he said. "I'll spend some time on this in the offseason for sure.

"And I'm not saying I've got all the answers. I'm not saying that at all. I'm just saying that I think the game needs to be adjusted here somewhat because there's too much emphasis on those situations."

Seattle and Dallas are the two most penalized teams this season, with 91 and 90 called infractions, respectively.

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