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Bucs' Jensen had butt-sweat talk with Brady: 'I knew it was coming'

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Tampa Bay Buccaneers center Ryan Jensen had to make some adjustments following the arrival of Tom Brady - namely, playing with a towel stuffed down his pants.

Brady goes to great lengths to keep his centers' behinds free of sweat, as detailed last year in a piece by The Athletic's Nick Underhill, so Jensen wasn't surprised when the quarterback approached him about the issue.

"He started talking about the sweat and what he's had centers do in the past," Jensen told Eduardo A. Encina of the Tampa Bay Times. "I knew it was coming. I'd seen an article last year or so talking about just that, so I knew that conversation was going to be had."

Brady even provided a demonstration for Jensen, showing him how to fold the towel and cover it with baby powder.

The change hasn't been too difficult for Jensen.

"It's an adjustment a little bit having a towel down the rear side, but if that's what Tom wants and that's going to help him be a better quarterback, I'm gonna do what I have to do," he said. "It's been an easy adjustment. The first couple, it was a little uncomfortable, but just like anything you get used to it."

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