NFL owners to consider allowing league office to eject players
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The NFL Competition Committee is set to propose a rule to owners that would allow officials at the league office in New York to eject players who commit egregious "non-football acts" in games, NFL executive vice president Troy Vincent told Jarrett Bell of USA TODAY Sports on Monday.

The officials would have full access to instant replay to help determine which plays warrant an ejection. The rule could also help to ascertain which players are to blame for starting brawls after there were an unusually high number of violent in-game incidents last season.

"We are looking to address what’s obvious to coaches, players, and fans," Vincent said.

Twenty-four of the league's owners will need to approve the measure for it to take effect.

Last season, Tampa Bay Buccaneers receiver Mike Evans and New England Patriots tight end Rob Gronkowski delivered extremely dangerous hits on rookie defenders after the whistle, but neither were ejected. Both players would later receive a one-game suspension.

The new rule will be discussed this week at league meetings in Palm Springs, Fla.

NFL owners to consider allowing league office to eject players
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