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NFL Management Summit: Ranking the league's 32 head coaches

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theScore evaluates the leadership positions within each NFL organization to determine which franchise possesses the best staff.

32. Tennessee Titans - Mike Mularkey

Boone Sanderson Srinivasan Wilkins
32nd 29th 32nd 32nd

Mularkey was the most boring head coach "hire" of the 2016 offseason. His 2-7 record as interim coach last season was one win better than the fired Ken Whisenhunt's 1-6. Ugh. Good luck with that, Mr. Mariota. - Mitch Sanderson

31. Philadelphia Eagles - Doug Pederson

Boone Sanderson Srinivasan Wilkins
27th 32nd 29th 31st

Pederson takes over for Chip Kelly after three years at the helm of a relatively underwhelming offense in Kansas City. That in no way indicates how he'll fare as a head coach, but it seems possible the Eagles desperately wanted to get back to the Andy Reid years. - Dan Wilkins

30. Tampa Bay Buccaneers - Dirk Koetter

Boone Sanderson Srinivasan Wilkins
28th 31st 27th 30th

Koetter built a great rapport with his players as the team's offensive coordinator; whether that translates to results in his first year as head coach remains to be seen. - Arun Srinivasan

29. New York Giants - Ben McAdoo

Boone Sanderson Srinivasan Wilkins
30th 28th 25th 29th

McAdoo will unfairly live in the shadow cast by Tom Coughlin until proven otherwise. Known to be an offensive innovator, McAdoo for all intents and purposes is on probationary status until there's a body of work to evaluate. - Srinivasan

28. San Diego Chargers - Mike McCoy

Boone Sanderson Srinivasan Wilkins
29th 25th 30th 27th

McCoy was able to turn his apprenticeship under Peyton Manning into a playoff appearance in his first season, but back-to-back misses, a non-existent rushing attack, and reliance on Philip Rivers has put this coach's ability in doubt. - Sanderson

27. Miami Dolphins - Adam Gase

Boone Sanderson Srinivasan Wilkins
24th 30th 28th 28th

After successful coordinator stints with the Broncos and Bears, Gase gets a chance to prove himself as a head coach. In time we may realize Gase deserves to be much higher on this list, but as a first-year coach in an unstable Miami situation, he’ll be swimming upstream in 2016. - Justin Boone

26. Jacksonville Jaguars - Gus Bradley

Boone Sanderson Srinivasan Wilkins
26th 27th 31st 25th

Patience is the key with Bradley. Now that he finally has a roster headed in the right direction, he'll have every opportunity to earn a spot much higher on this list. - Wilkins

25. Atlanta Falcons - Dan Quinn

Boone Sanderson Srinivasan Wilkins
22nd 26th 23rd 26th

Quinn looked like he was headed to the Hall of Fame when Atlanta started 6-1 during his first season as a head coach. Unfortunately, the Falcons went 2-7 the rest of the way and Quinn made some rookie mistakes in the process. - Boone

24. Cleveland Browns - Hue Jackson

Boone Sanderson Srinivasan Wilkins
25th 23rd 24th 23rd

Jackson didn't deserve to get fired after his first season at the helm in Oakland. He finally gets another shot five years later, and the Browns were lucky to land him. Jackson is both an offensive guru and a strong leader. - Wilkins

23. San Francisco 49ers - Chip Kelly

Boone Sanderson Srinivasan Wilkins
20th 24th 26th 22nd

As a head coach, you need to earn the respect of your players, something Kelly appeared to struggle with during his time in Philadelphia. Maybe he’ll learn from it and improve in his second NFL stop. - Boone

22. Detroit Lions - Jim Caldwell

Boone Sanderson Srinivasan Wilkins
31st 21st 18th 20th

Lions fans were likely looking for Caldwell to be sent packing after a 1-7 start last year. Steadying the ship and going 6-2 down the stretch, however, showed why management has maintained confidence in his ability to lead. - Wilkins

21. Indianapolis Colts - Chuck Pagano

Boone Sanderson Srinivasan Wilkins
19th 22nd 16th 24th

Pagano led the Colts to three consecutive playoff appearances before sputtering to an 8-8 record in 2015. However, he was hailed as a defensive mind, and he's failed to build a capable unit during his four years with the team. - Srinivasan

20. Los Angeles Rams - Jeff Fisher

Boone Sanderson Srinivasan Wilkins
21st 19th 17th 21st

Fisher's job was saved this offseason by the Rams' move to LA. He's the only coach who's been through a relocation before, but his lackluster offense and low-ranked defense have begun to outweigh his experience. - Sanderson

19. Washington Redskins - Jay Gruden

Boone Sanderson Srinivasan Wilkins
18th 20th 19th 19th

After an embarrassing first year in Washington, Gruden surprisingly turned things around, leading the team to a division title. Washington now has a legitimate chance to post it’s first back-to-back winning seasons since the 90’s. - Boone

18. Oakland Raiders - Jack Del Rio

Boone Sanderson Srinivasan Wilkins
17th 16th 22nd 17th

Many of today's coaches have become more of the analytical type, but Del Rio is a classic motivator. As a former Pro Bowl linebacker, he's also the ultimate player's coach with respect from his roster, which is no push-over. - Sanderson

17. Buffalo Bills - Rex Ryan

Boone Sanderson Srinivasan Wilkins
16th 18th 20th 16th

Ryan's first season with the Bills was much like the latter half of his tenure in New York. The flashes of brilliance have to be met with more consistency if his teams are ever going to live up to the hype. - Wilkins

16. Dallas Cowboys - Jason Garrett

Boone Sanderson Srinivasan Wilkins
23rd 17th 13th 15th

Against all odds, Garrett emerged as the picture of continuity with six seasons under his belt despite largely middling results. Garrett is credited with building one of the league's foremost offensive lines, but needs to propel his club to new heights in order to ascend this list. - Srinivasan

15. New York Jets - Todd Bowles

Boone Sanderson Srinivasan Wilkins
14th 14th 14th 18th

Bowles is an innovator and host to some of the NFL's most inventive blitz packages and the Jets were a Week 17 loss away from the playoffs. Look for Bowles to emerge as a household name very soon. - Srinivasan

14. Chicago Bears - John Fox

Boone Sanderson Srinivasan Wilkins
15th 10th 21st 13th

Not many coaches can say they brought two different teams to a Super Bowl. Fox has yet to get there with the Bears, but his past record with the Broncos and Panthers says Chicago could be on their way back to former glory. - Sanderson

13. Houston Texans - Bill O'Brien

Boone Sanderson Srinivasan Wilkins
9th 15th 15th 14th

O’Brien took over a 2-14 team and led them to winning records in each of his first two seasons. The Texans are set up well for the future under O’Brien, especially if he can work his quarterback-whispering magic on Brock Osweiler. - Boone

12. Minnesota Vikings - Mike Zimmer

Boone Sanderson Srinivasan Wilkins
10th 11th 12th 10th

Not all great coordinators are meant to be head coaches, but Zimmer has made a flawless transition. He’s responsible for the advanced development of the Vikings young defense and in just two seasons has turned Minnesota into a contender. - Boone

11. Denver Broncos - Gary Kubiak

Boone Sanderson Srinivasan Wilkins
12th 9th 10th 12th

Kubiak's 61-64 record with the Texans doesn't factor in here. In his lone season with the Broncos, Kubiak won a Super Bowl. You can't do any better than that. - Srinivasan

10. Cincinnati Bengals - Marvin Lewis

Boone Sanderson Srinivasan Wilkins
11th 13th 8th 8th

Lewis has been a model of consistency throughout his time in Cincinnati, and the result have been particularly impressive over the past seven years. Finally getting over the hump in the playoffs is the next step. - Wilkins

9. Kansas City Chiefs - Andy Reid

Boone Sanderson Srinivasan Wilkins
7th 6th 11th 11th

Kansas City's performance last season after losing Jamaal Charles was nothing short of amazing. Say what you will about Reid's brutal time-management skills, but his ability to get the most out of his players is among history's elite. - Sanderson

8. New Orleans Saints - Sean Payton

Boone Sanderson Srinivasan Wilkins
13th 12th 5th 4th

New Orleans' struggles can't be pinned on Payton's coaching abilities. He undoubtedly remains one of the game's top offensive minds, and has actually done well to overcome some limitations placed on the roster of late. - Wilkins

7. Green Bay Packers - Mike McCarthy

Boone Sanderson Srinivasan Wilkins
8th 7th 7th 9th

McCarthy often gets unfairly admonished for his late-game management, but numbers don't lie. With seven straight playoff appearances and a 104-55-1 record, McCarthy is certainly one of the NFL's elite. - Srinivasan

6. Carolina Panthers - Ron Rivera

Boone Sanderson Srinivasan Wilkins
6th 5th 9th 7th

It's tough to find a Panthers player who didn't have the best season of their career last year under Rivera. He's won two coach of the year awards in the past three seasons and led his team to the sixth 15-1 record in NFL history. - Sanderson

5. Pittsburgh Steelers - Mike Tomlin

Boone Sanderson Srinivasan Wilkins
5th 8th 4th 5th

Tomlin is an expert motivator who keeps his teams competitive every year. The Steelers have reached the Super Bowl twice during his nine campaigns in Pittsburgh, and had it not been for a few key injuries they might have represented the AFC last season. - Boone

4. Baltimore Ravens - John Harbaugh

Boone Sanderson Srinivasan Wilkins
4th 4th 3rd 6th

It took Harbaugh eight seasons to finally post a losing record as coach of the Ravens and he had a lot help from the injury bug. His players and peers hold Harbaugh in highest of regards due to his character and performance. - Sanderson

3. Arizona Cardinals - Bruce Arians

Boone Sanderson Srinivasan Wilkins
2nd 2nd 6th 2nd

NFL teams ought to be shaking their heads at the thought they allowed Arians to go this long without a lead job. A combination of leadership and aggressiveness consistently allows him to get the most out of a stacked roster. - Wilkins

2. Seattle Seahawks - Pete Carroll

Boone Sanderson Srinivasan Wilkins
3rd 3rd 2nd 3rd

Carroll injected life into a dormant Seahawks franchise with his contagious, vibrant energy. Few, if any, coaches in the NFL are better at relating to their players than Carroll and it's propelled the team to rampant success during his tenure. - Srinivasan

1. New England Patriots - Bill Belichick

Boone Sanderson Srinivasan Wilkins
1st 1st 1st 1st

For the second straight day Belichick finishes at the top of our rankings. While some may debate his merits as a GM, no one can question Belichick’s status as the best coach currently in the game, and the best coach in NFL history. - Boone

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