LeBron explains cryptic tweets: 'I got a beautiful mind'

Jason Miller / Getty Images Sport / Getty

First it was the Da Vinci Code. Now LeBron James is drawing allusions to another blockbuster.

James, who fired off a barrage of cryptic tweets last week, was quizzed about his social media usage of late, and his answer was once again vague.

"Just my mind working. I got a beautiful mind and I want to use it sometimes in a social manner," James said.

Given James' standing as the leader of the Cavaliers, many interpreted his comments as a critique of his teammates amid a trying stretch for the team. He directly called out the team for their lack of mental toughness last month, and some of his tweets, like the one below, reads like more of the same.

However, the King might simply have been trolling everyone with his seemingly directionless rants. If that's the case, it might all be much ado about nothing.

But then again, there's plenty of strange tweets emanating from Cleveland these days.