Report: Green, Kerr engage in halftime shouting match
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Emotions ran high during Saturday's overtime thriller between the Golden State Warriors and the Oklahoma City Thunder.

ESPN's Lisa Salters reported on the broadcast that a loud, profanity-laced shouting match took place in the Warriors' locker room at halftime. It sounded as if Draymond Green and Warriors head coach Steve Kerr were the principle characters in the dispute.

"One of the players, believed to be Draymond Green, was shouting so loudly and using such profanity in the locker room that it could be heard well outside the locker room," Salters reported.

"At one point, the player said, 'I'm not a robot. You messed me up right now. If you don't want me to shoot, tell me, and I won't ever shoot again.' As his teammates tried to calm him down, he could be heard saying, 'Come over and sit me down.' OKC police heard it and came to stand outside the locker room, just in case they were needed."

The Warriors trailed 57-46 at halftime, and at that point Green was 0-of-3 from the field. He would finish the game with two points after having missed all eight of his shots.

The reigning champions, however, would eventually erase the deficit in regulation, before Stephen Curry drilled a heart-breaker to secure their 53rd win in overtime.

Green, despite his struggles from the field, played a huge part in the comeback. He entered the half as a minus-11, and finished as a plus-10, meaning that he was on the court for a 21-point turnaround to finish the game. He also had 14 assists, 14 rebounds, six steals, and four blocks on the night to make up for his lackluster scoring output.

After the game, Kerr assured the media that everything was kosher with Green.

"You guys know Draymond, come on. A part of what makes him special is his emotion and his passion. So nothing major happened. Obviously we came out and played great in the second half."

Report: Green, Kerr engage in halftime shouting match
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