Lamar Miller seeking lead role in free agency: 'I want the recognition I deserve'

Of the many mistakes made by the now-former Miami Dolphins coaching staff, consistently opting against giving Lamar Miller significant touches was quite easily among the most glaring.

Despite averaging an impressive 4.8 yards per attempt from 2014-2015, Miller was rewarded with 20 carries in a game on just one occasion.

As he now heads for free agency for the first time in his pro career, Miller appears to be looking for a team that will both put him in a lead backfield role and pay him accordingly.

"I want to be a featured back," Miller said in an appearance on WQAM on Friday, according to Barry Jackson of the Miami Herald. "… I want the recognition I deserve."

Miller went on to say that he'd "love to stay" with the Dolphins and praised the team's decision to bring in Adam Gase as its next head coach.

Though Miami has also reportedly expressed interest in working out a new deal, such an agreement would likely need to be reached at some point in the next few weeks.

For a team that finds itself in a dire salary-cap situation, retaining a dynamic 24-year-old running back would become all the more difficult when other teams can get involved in the bidding process.

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Lamar Miller seeking lead role in free agency: 'I want the recognition I deserve'
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