Broncos' Talib: Peyton Manning is the 'greatest of all time'

Joe Amon / Denver Post / Getty

Having played on both sides of the Denver Broncos-New England Patriots rivalry, Aqib Talib knows a thing or two about each team's future Hall of Fame signal-caller.

The veteran cornerback was asked about both Peyton Manning and Tom Brady as part of a fill-in-the-blank segment during a visit to NFL Network, understandably giving the more glowing endorsement to his current Broncos teammate.

"Tom Brady is a four-time Super Bowl winner," Talib said of the Patriots' star quarterback. "Great teammate, great guy, great person."

"Peyton Manning is the GOAT, greatest of all time. Super Bowl 50 champ."

Manning is widely expected to announce his retirement in the coming weeks, bringing an end to both his incredible 18-year career and one of the greatest rivalries in the history of professional sports.

Though Brady's postseason success has long given him an edge in the all-time ranks, Manning going out with a second Super Bowl title ensures that a debate between the two will carry on for years to come.